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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OOOOOH. So pretty. Any thoughts on what your pretties want to be? And, I would LOVE to have a drum carder even though I haven't spun for too long and really have no need. I have hand cards and they are very good exercise, right????

Very nice photo effect with the darker pink for your light box! Very pretty lace weight---> pink shawl maybe?

Oh my! Pink! Gorgeous, gorgeous. Are you going to knit something with it?

Oh, yeah, Baby! It is gorgeous! I like the name of that farm. I think about herds of little Corgi doggies running around in the sunshine jumping after butterflies and rolling in the grass.

A drum carder sounds like an intriguing endeavour. I think you would do very well with one.


It wouldn't be a time suck. Swears. You totally need a carder.

It sure is beautiful yarn yet again. I haz planz for alpaca. A shawl. :D

I deeply hated carding when I borrowed one. My fleece is bagged and waiting for me to ship it to Spinderella in Utah.
Pretty yarn!

I like the pink box. Better than silly rose coloured glasses...

Very pretty yarn. And wonderful picture. I still think you just needed a new battery in your camera all along. ;)

I can't blame you for wanting a carder, look how pretty this yarn is. And OF COURSE you want more! Who wouldn't?

Now that's PINK. So pretty.


You've been fully assimilated! Move alone now so we can work on the next!

The pink is stunning and of course - i want it!

My my, what pretty pink box you have;)

That is gorgeous yarn! If I send you all my roving, will you spin it for me?

Ooooh, pretty, pretty. You did those batts justice.

Quite lovely, despite the colour. :-)

Lovely yarn! Do you have room for a drum carder? I keep thinking that if I had one, it would need it's own room.


Gorgeous pink! Like peppermint ice cream.

pink, Pink, PINK! Love it.

Love that photo.


Drumcarder?! You are *so* hooked now, aren't you?! ;)

Cheryl S. is right! Peppermint ice cream! Yum.

-your- rose tyler is gorgeous. i agree with you about the other.

do rent a drum carder. i'm ready to buy cookie batts.

Oh, so yummy! I wonder what you're planning on making with it? Probably you haven't even thought about it...I keep thinking about a Cherry Blossom Shawl pattern from an old issue of Interweave. (It must be old if I even saw it...)

I think I would be perfectly happy to just spin Corgi Hill batts for the rest of my life...
Even this non-pink person admires your yarn!

Excellent photo! Your yarn looks wonderful, Cookie.

Oooooh, drum carder!!! :D

But I already have a pink box!


Gorgeous yarn, you are a wonder girl. Is there anything you DON'T do well?


oooh! pretty!

...and of course I don't hate you. ...okay maybe a lil bit. xo

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