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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Awesome. All of it. Those socks are aptly named. o.0
/wanders off to find the advil

My eyes hurt.



MY EYES!!! ;)

Yay spinning! :)

Getting your shit together. . . it's highly overrated. Love the projects. Love.

Those are painfully pink! I don't know how you did it. So long as we don't let those get with the orange socks of doom I knit and let them have babies we'll be ok.

OMG, my eyes are seared. Good thing it's the end of the year and you need to fess up to all you've knit. Nice job of spinning (as usual!).

The pink didn't kill my eyes but the "it's" in the paragraph under the last picture did!!

Signed, the person who got "Grammar Geeks are Great Big MEANIES" for Giftmas!


You have things you've finished and not shown us? I thought we shared just everything.

I'm so glad today is a better day. That pink is lovely! I think I knit one of those scarves, didn't I? It took forever.
Be glad you aren't here. It's freezing and windy and miserable. Oh, and my car won't start. Good times.

can't wait to see the sea silk blocked. you can tell me how it goes before i block mine. ;)

LOVE the yarn! you're so good!

the socks are great too. love that pink!

i just got all kinds of love for you today don't i?

Yes, indeedy, those socks are Painfully Pink. I knit a pair for #2's gf that are almost that painful. I guess Some People just like their pink...

The pink socks definitely hurt the eyes....but how fun would they be to wear...knowing that tucked into your shoes a bright ray of sunshine is lurking! We could use that here in the NE as it is freezing and so windy!

And the Raspberry yarn is to die for!

That's a pretty blue for the Lace Ribbons Scarf. I made one too and was sorry to give it away I loved it so much. Somehow that project, unlike so many scarf projects, did not bore me to tears.

I don't get it. What's wrong with the Pink? Looks perfect to me. Lovely Bonkers fiber, I have the same blend in an orangey yellow sunrise color. Spins beautifully doesn't it.

Gah! the pinkness of it all! So very pink.

Though thankfully not the shade of pink that makes my mind hurt most. Thanks Dad! *grumble*

outrageous pink, soothing blues.
how are you? getting ready for the new oh-10? I hope to knit to bring in the new year. Can we have an online party?

Love it all. Funny, I had the same issue when I knit my lace ribbon out of sea wool (I know, a little different, but still - they must put a spell on that stuff to make it last forever).


I'm so very glad your photos resurfaced! Yowza, that pink is fantastically PINK. :D Those socks will make happy feet.

Wheee! That's a lot of yarn from that fluff! Hurray for spinning fluff into something beautiful. Lovely yarn, Cookie.

I'm looking forward to seeing your blocked scarf...I've been tempted by that pattern.

949 yards?!? Holey moley! Gorgeous!

I heard that tencel was hard to spin. I'm glad to read a differing opinion, especially since I have some sitting *right there* patiently waiting for me to spin it.

I'm happy for you that you found at least some of your pictures back.

I like the blue of the scarf and as for the pink socks, I have a rose bush that is about that same shade of pink. I love it!

The mink/cashmere yarn ball doesn't seem to get any smaller either but I suppose just when I really need it to be some still there it'll be all gone and I'll have to join a new ball just to bind off....

LUV em!

Just how many of those lace scarves have you made? I'm feeling the same way about montego bay.

Lurves teh socks and spinning. :D

Love the blue Lace Ribbon...

Blue, blue, blue, blue! (then why is all my knitting red, lately?)

The Lace Ribbon Scarf took away my will to live within ten minutes of casting on. I still like it and think it is beautiful, but cannot see trying it again, possibly ever. Yours is beautiful, and I cannot wait to see it blocked.

The pink socks are bright and beautiful and perfect for keeping toasty toes.

Wonderful spinning, Cookie!


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