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Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm with you. Let this year end already!

So, when are you going to cave and just buy a wheel?

Me! Let's petition to cancel this year, and go straight to about halfway through January. That way we'll already be used to writing "2010" on everything.

Nope. I get Texas until the third. I'm keeping the rest.

I'd be happy to cancel the rest of this year. I love the idea of hermiting my way in the kitchen and craft room, though if I am home then I'll have to clean...

Maybe we'll leave the rest of this year alone until my husband does the cleaning and then cancel!

Too much to do to cancel, but one less day would be fine.

I kind of like the end of the year. I must be weird that way.

No need to cancel. . . because it's coming up fast as it is. I would go for sleeping til the new year, though. Or watching movies. Or knitting. (I'm exciting that way.)

Oooooh, I know - we will all cancel the rest of OUR years, and give the remaining several days of each of our years to Squishy so she'll have ages with Texas.

When are you BUYING a wheel?

Yes, but at this point, why bother.

Verizon has been getting some really bad press -- actually, Pogue's Twitter and NYTimes column. The FCC is now looking into the claims that Verizon charges its customers $1.99 internet connection fee whenever the customer inadvertently hits a certain button, even if the customer cancels the button push immediately. Is that why your cell phone bill is so high? If so, use your google-fu to get the whole story, then call Verizon and get them to reverse those $%^&9ing charges. Good luck!

I'm with Squish since I'm home with DH (fka Wilson) through the early AM of the 4th. But feel free to cancel what you need to cancel. I'll catch up with you.

Yay on meeting another knitter and on the wheel and speeding down country roads. (love)

I hope the rest of the week is better for you and lots of other folks too!

Yes, I want to skip to January 1st now - POOF!

I was ready to cancel the year back in September!

Sign me up, too. I'm thrilled about the wheel, though. That is good news. Hugs from here!!!

By all means spill on Verizon. I use them for my cell service. Personally even though I will be with my family on New Year's Eve, I wish I could skip on through to the 1st.
Happy New Year and happy spinning. Shocking you don't already own one with all the beautiful spinning you have done.

We can't cancel the year, I haven't paid my property taxes yet and I sort of like having a house to store my yarn in. We can cancel New Year's Eve though, that'll be fine.

Lovely idea, you got everyone thinking and becoming creative...

Imagination is great, it allows us to live in fantasy and travel beyond human limitations.

Outstanding post.
Happy new Year!

I thought you already said you were gonna do that LAST week? Cancel it women! NOW!

Did Griffin have anything to do with your bill? He has been known to go over on his plan. Mostly for texts that say "k". Sigh.


Sorry to hear that you're not happy with Verizon. We kinda love them around here. They put up a tower so we actually have service. Before we only used our cell phones when we went to a bigger town. We very rarely say Can you hear me now?? anymore! ;)

Yes, end the year quickly. Especially if I don't have to do end of the year paperwork!

Yuh, Count me in as well.

After my morning commute I am totally on the cancel the rest of the year bandwagon now.

Yay wheel!

Hi from the East Bay, Cookie - need me to come over there with chocolate??


damn verizon! damn those bastids!

you're not a dork! stop that! or i'm gonna go on over and beat you over the head with some plastic yarn!

Early yesterday I would have been on the fence about a cancellation of the next few days. Then last night I hit a pothole and blew out the front tire on the car, had to have husband and friend come out to change it and then spend a boatload on new tires....on top of the contract we just signed to have a new roof, and a burglary in November, and multiple family illnesses (none life-threatening thank goodness, but all protracted and annoying)and quite a few other nasty things this year. 2009, I can't wait for you to be gone...I thought so before, but last night put me over the edge!

I am just in awe that you have the power to cancel years at a time!


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