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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Can a person like you be humored? Nice hat. Good luck with the HD!

Nice hat. What pattern did you use? Red items tend to look murdered in the sink unfortunately.

Hopefully Teg will be able help you. Since he already knows you're clueless it's non-issue yes? / ducks in anticipation of the head form being thrown

You have more patience than I, I would dump the HD off at at Geek's house, then go back and get it........!

Like the hat, just started winter works socks for a friend for Christmas... he measured his foot and said it is 11.5 inches long... will I have enough yarn..... never knitted a set of canoes before....!!!!!

I like the hat.

Good luck with the HD.

Red refuses to be photographed and look like itself. It's just difficult that way! ;)

Cute hat. I'm clueless about the computer. In fact, I didn't know you could enslave a computer. Or, what? You are a glutton for punishment to go to the post office this time of year. I do admire you!

Very good question :)
Time goes faster for sure, I blame it on the global warming!

You have to ask someone else about enslaving? Dude?!? Who are you and what have you done with my Cookie?


Screw the year. Where did the DECADE go? Do you realize it's less than 30 days until TWO THOUSAND TEN? *2010* I don't think I can stress to you enough how it should not be almost 2010 already.

I am trying hard not to just give up on all of it.

I never thought you were/are a bother... just the opposite!


Oooo I am very impressed!

I feel the same way about the year. I was just thinking the other day that it seems like the last Christmas school holiday just got over with and now I have to have children hanging from the rafters for two weeks AGAIN!!!

It's like a nightmare! With Santa cookies.

Love the hat - it's going to look smashing on it's intended recipient!

My old computer is still sitting in my hallway waiting to be taken to my geek, Gus. But only because I want him to see if he can fix it without wiping the HD so I can get my iTunes working.

December is the worst month evah. Actually, the last 4 days in November, and the month of December blow chunks. Can we just forget this month exists??

Am I the only one impressed by that gorgeous sky?

Love the hat, hate December (or parts of it) and love you.

I am so in denial about how far we are into December already. Oy.

Nice sky.

wow, thanks Kitten for pointing out the decade thing. It's been a long one indeed.
3 careers long...
and a kid...
and ...
I think I'll work on my red scarf now and eat copious amounts of chocolate...

If I find any humor, I will send it to you. I would even go to the post office for you. I just do not know if I can locate any humor to send. I am so confused.


Cute hat.

I haven't picked up the needles all week. I need to keep my hands under the down blanket.



That cold came screaming in here last night sounding like a banshee. Yesterday I had the windows open, this morning the wind chill is 2.

The hat looks cute and it's ribbing woman, of course it will fit.

Love the hat - great colorway!

Good luck with the hard drive...

Why don't we all just decide to postpone the holidays for three weeks?

Nice hat. It looks very warm, pretty, and useful....all good things. :D Hang in there, Cookie!

Nice hat! Good luck with the HD. My computer has been making a lot of really odd noises this morning. This is the one at my office, where I cannot do without for any period of time. I already don't have one at home right now because a burglar stole our laptop and we haven't decided exactly which one we are replacing it with. Not to mention that between it and a new roof, it is our Christmas gift this year....and Christmas is two weeks away.

I have no memory of fall. Were did it go? How did it get to be December?

And that IS a gorgeous sky.

wow, very pink here today...

It's December?
Oh, crap.

Making your old drive a slave drive shouldn't be too hard. Operative word is shouldn't. Much depends on how old the thing is relative to whatever you're hooking it to and what connections are available. Done this thing twice, first time was hell on wheels. Good luck.

BTW, I'm completely resigned to being 45, nearly at 2010, and nowhere I planned to be by now. You?

Love the hat. Good luck with enslaving or rescuing your data. It sucks to lose data.

"It's like a nightmare! With Santa cookies."

OK, that's classic. I'm stealing it.

Love that hat! Hopefully since it's ribbed it will fit the intended. December is upon us... again! :)

i LOVE the hat.

the year was swallowed by a blackhole. that's the only possible explanation. :P

LMAO, who cares if it fits anyway??? I LOVE IT, that is just how I feel this time of year. Just be glad you got something homemade is my motto. LOL. Love the pink socks and yarn as well

red yarn always bleeds like crazy on me...I usually have to resort to hot water and a splash of vinegar. I may help, it may not, but at least it makes me feel like I'm doing *something* to make the bleeding stop...

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