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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Maybe owls don't have a sense of smell? Something else to Google! :)

I'm working on the Christmas letter and cards. That is about as exciting as waiting for towels to dry!

Nature. Just go with it. . .

yeah, it's one of those sundays, isn't it?

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies and I'm tired of it and still have half the dough to bake. And, once I'm out of dough, there's nothing left for me to nibble on. Yup. It's one of those Sundays. Maybe owls can't smell skunks?

Good for the owl. Enjoy the sleepy Sunday, Cookie

Maybe that owl just has strange food fetishes.

Remind me sometime to tell you about Lucky Gus and the skunks. You will be glad that it was just an owl. And outside.


Your day sounds much more exciting than mine. Off to give The Boy lesson #72 on Washing One's Own Hair. I know THAT makes you envious. ;^)

I'm waiting for socks to dry - so not exciting on this coast either...

Re: why an owl would eat a skunk? Why would people knit with possum?

After 2 days of pierogis, I got nothin' either


Well. At least you don't have to shovel 18" of snow. Not that I did either but you know what I'm saying.

Holy crap. Is it like a gang of owls or one gigamongous owl or what?

I hate skunks, but owls are a thumbs up so I guess it's a WIN!

i look at your unconcious mutterings and i sometimes wonder how your brain works.

i'm just sayin'.

I suppose everything has to get eaten by something or the food chain would break! But better an owl than me...


bluuuurrgghhh that owl must not be able to smell it's prey.

Wow! I learned something new. Great horned owls are one of the few that kill and eat skunks. They don't really have a sense of smell.

Scroll down:


Skunks have bad eyesight and are slow and clumsy, and would therefore be total sitting ducks (or skunks) for predators if they didn't have that wonderfully aromatic defense mechanism. Or, looking at it the other way around, once they'd acquired the w.a.d.m they didn't need to waste energy being fast or agile. I would say that was one hungry owl.

Skunk vs Owl sounds like an interesting kids movie. Also stinky. Hope the stink has cleared, I know how bad it can be.

I think I might have missed a day somewhere.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful beginning.


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