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Thursday, December 03, 2009


Fingers crossed! Unplug your phone. Just saying.

I feel for you. Our laptop was stolen when our house was burglarized a few weeks ago, so we lost everything with no way to even think about finding it...nothing dramatic, just the usual sentimental stuff. Photos, all my music, all that sort of crap. It just sucks, but there it is. I hope you don't lose it all in trying to get them to play nice.

I've been up that long too and I'm not bitching about it. Of course I'll be out at 8:30. It was 12 degrees here this morning and it's only 29 now.

Sleep well!

I really hope the ipod migration goes smoothly! Good tech karma headed your way.

I used a third party thing when I had to migrate my library from my ipod to the new iTunes. You can google them and find several. I was able to extract everything from my iPod, import it into iTunes, and update that way.

Don't forget there is a wonderful iPod user community with great tips on how to migrate things. Google it - I used it once long ago when I had to switch computers. They were very helpful!

Just go to sleep now. Call off the rest of teh month. Please.

I feel the same about our snow as you do the frost. Snow is pretty and covers up all the brown deadness out there but it's snow and it's everywhere and it needs to be shoveled!

fingers crossed on the iPod dealie.

I wish I had techie advice, but I am a wee bit on the techtarded side. I do wish you lots of luck though!

Good luck on the iPod thing. Yes, google for migration tips! But take a nap first...

This will sound crazy but I am jealous of your frost. It's been so warm here that Boston set a record for latest freeze since 1973 and today was a record high- low 70's at my house so the windows were wide open. The cats were in heaven. Me? Not so much, it'd December after all and I want some snow dangit.

Fingers crossed that the ipod gets sorted without casualties.

Wow. I haven't been up that early since the meth addict rang my doorbell several months ago. You'll sleep well tonight, I'm sure!

Fingers Crossed - I've been there - twice. And the sleep thing - just when I think I've got it kicked, the f'er happens again. Stupid sleep.

I'm crossing my fingers, but my Dad always said when we were exceptionally silly that there would be tears before bedtime. Still crossing my fingers.

There is nothing worse than setting up a new computer - I feel for you! I hope the ipod turns out ok...and that you get some sleep

there, there, sweetie. pat. pat.

That is all.

I think I had your weather today and you had mine; it was in the high 60's here today. In Maine. In December. I'm not complaining though; I'd like to keep this weather please.

Good luck with the iPod!

Sleep before iPod. Definitely that order. Take all advice above, too.
All crossed in my corner of the world!

oh please sleep before dealing with the iPod situation. then let me know how things go with the iPod. also..you might want to get an external hard drive for your music. that's the way i roll.

Good luck with the tunes, etc!!! Go to bed earlier and don't let the viruses get a foot in the door. :D


Oh, sweetie! I'm crossing the fingers for the ipod and the sleep and the cold and the crazy.


(Big hug)
Breathe deep.

Cool photo. I hope everything went OK, and that you're still sleeping.


Cannot help at all with the iPod thing, as the hubbie has banned all things Apple in our home.

Turn off the lights, pretend it's bedtime, and go hide under the covers.

Oh please oh please oh please let the iPod thing work out. I'd be so lost without my iPod. . .

I live in fear of my ipod. I don't even try to sync since I just know I will lose everything.

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