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Friday, December 04, 2009


Oh, hell, I'm already growing my hair back out, so I could do pigtails, and I have the dirty mind. I guess I'm going to have to buy that eyeliner at some point, huh?

Pigtails and eye liner, huh? I have never seen a photo of you so I will have to imagine. Do you look anything like Pippi Longstocking if Pippi Longstocking wore eyeliner?

Pig tails, eyeliner and dirty mind. I wish you were my neighbor.

I want to dive into that container of pink fluff. Maybe I would hurt my head, though.

I didn't picture you in pigtails. But why nit.
Love the Mr Dangly bit.

Love the singles!! They are simply gorgeous. I am needing a warm hat, but am without worsted weight yarn. Srsly. I will remedy that on the morrow and knit the damned hat. Thwack away, Sweetie!!!!

I love pigtails!!! :D All you need is pink bows. Yeah I'm easily amused too.

It is the simple things. Like today... onion soup and watching Monk while it snowed.

It looks like you are spinning cotton candy.

You subversive communist, you.

You are lucky. I wake up looking like a bastard-child of a raccoon and cousin It. But my hair is never that silky. I don't know how my husband is able to keep his hands off me, maybe he also thwacks?

That spinning looks lovely ... the pink is so cheerful. Cheerful is good.

Looks like cotton candy!

Record-setting cold is coming?!? Say it ain't so! I'm cold enough already, thank you. I'm assuming it will stay up north with you and not lumber its way down the coast to mess with me.

How come I never see those good Ravelry threads?

There are photos of you circulating cyberspace? Some of us might pay good money for those.

Thanks for the smiles. The pink looks so yummy.

You are so right about the simple stuff.

Thwack away!

I love that you're easily amused. I am, too. But I never saw the Mr. Dangly thread...so jealous!

I'm so glad this is a better Friday!

Mr. Dangly, eh? I know someone who did not think through her question and still gets teased for asking in the Rav Forum about the definition of light fingering.

I love the picture of your spinning. It looks so very cuddly and wonderful.


Fluffy pink thwacking, eh? Life just doesn't get any better...

The simple stuff is indeed the best. Like the whipped cream in my coffee right now, and that pink stuff you're spinning.

A photo of you would be nice, too. With or without the dirty mind.


Simple is good. This morning I am simply happy that I fixed our internet, which hadn't been working since comcast came out here and installed their new modem. Ahem.

Geesh, I miss all the interesting stuff on Ravelry ;)

I too, enjoy the thwacking...it's kinda zen for me ;)

Love the pink!

There are pictures of you out there in cyberland somewhere?? How can I get on the email list??

We had frost overnight and I'm going out to take pictures asap. I love simple also...

Spinning looks gorgeous.

Wishing I hadn't just cut my hair so that I could do pigtails.

So I see you've moved on to spinning cotton candy now? (...I wonder if that's possible... probably not). Pigtails eh? I think you're going to have to prove this one.

There are actual pictures of you! No way! I've asked for hair pictures, never got them... Not fair!

Glad you are feeling better! I love that pink!!!!

Seriously, how can people post those titles without thinking? I am STILL laughing at all the Republican teabaggers...

Simple is good - glad you're feeling better!

Stuff season can stuff it.

I do love the spinning though. I am still a sucker for the pink.

Hahaha good old Mr. Dangly!

Love the pink stuff - what is the roving in?

Hope you are having a good weekend!

Hooray for simple stuff and your lovely pink spinning!

Well thank YOU for spurring an interest in yet another rabbit hole time suck - off to investigate the Mr Dangly thread...

Excellent description - staff season, I am not so American either, I think, simple suits me best.

Oh and pigtails were not in my mind image of you I must tell, not that I have a very clear image, mind you :)

Pretty! Simple stuff ... like french toast made out of homemade bread?

Pigtails and eyeliner -- are you related to Penelope Garcia by any chance? (I love Garcia. I want to be Garcia, but she is way smarter than I am. Did you know she's a knitter?)

I love the simple things too, as you know.

yay for pink fluff! i think it's a fabulous photo and you're spinning looks great.

did you finish plying it yet?

pigtails? eyeliner? now that definitely warrants a photo.

now i'm going to look up mr. dangly on ravelry. you know.. because i'm a troglodyte and all.

ok. i've seen mr. dangly and my dirty mind is sadly disappointed. :P

I have a box/basket just like that one (different fabric of course and your picture just made me realize that it would be perfect for my fiber when I spin! I have been using it as a catchall on my nightstand, and definitely would like it better for spinning. Thanks for the idea!

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