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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Gorgeous yarn.

Wow, that yarn is stunning and I am not even a purple person!

Oh come on! You know I adore purple. I suppose the second to last sentence for me? ;-) *L*

Those skeins are gah-gah- gorgeous! You are the Queen of lace weight me thinks.

I wasn't going to hint, I was going to beg!! ;-)

beautiful yarn!

buicks are teh debil. they never seem to be driven by sane people.

don't you love my stereotyping? :P

You made some real pretty yarn there, lady! REALLY pretty.

Yes please, hunt them down and exterminate them with prejudice.
1200 yds in 4 oz? All the bald frogs in the area....

Pagans unite! Happy Solstice. :-)

Gorgeous and you made so much yardage!
You have hit upon the reasons I never shop for Christmas.

DH & I were out for supper after shopping. Entryway of the restaurant was packed. Little old lady with a walker blocking the only walkway. She had to stop to check out the Christmas tree to see if it was a real one or not. Augh!!!

Very pretty yarn. Is it a pinky purple?

Beautiful work again!

I have to go out in the insanity tomorrow. Bloodwork for the pills that are knocking out my immune system and TEXAS IS COMING HOME!!!!

He wants to run to that w store. Considering his flight comes in @ 4 p.m. I think he's c-r-a-z-y. With a capital C. I say find a 24 hour one and go at 1 am.

Nice yarn! And seriously, all those damn shoppers were at CVS today filing prescriptions, can you please smack them for me 'cause I haven't the energy til the antibiotics kick in. Good grief, took me a ridiculously long time to type this- SO can't type with a fever. Damn and blast it shall not will, I will conquer the sinus crud! And do tell, what is this WPI toy? I have a few, none of which I trust.

Oh hai purple!!

I cannot stand this time of year. Psychosis. Pure psychosis.

That is all.

And you know what? Those same shoppers will be at my gym next month. . . clogging the elliptical machines and getting in my swimming lane and hogging the good spots in pilates. But only for a couple of weeks. And then they'll go back home.

As for that yarn? Wow. THAT is my new favorite color. (Now that I have white hair and all!)

No. It's not over, but it will be. And, your yarn is simply lovely, ma'dear!

Such pretty yarn. Try not to go out again for a few days if you don't have to...


Seriously WHAT is with those people standing in the aisles at the store? I walk out of there grinding my teeth EVERY TIME. Then they look up at my 5 foot 10 inch yeti ass and act like I fucking snuck up on them and they had no idea they were blocking the whole DAYAM aisle.

It seems a nerve has been plucked.

Beautiful spinning. Merino and tencel is always so pretty and shiny. Holy WPI man!

Not to mention when, in the grocery store, they stop in the middle of the aisle and gab on their cell phones. Not only do I not want to hear your conversation, sir, but I would like to take my cart all the way to the chocolate chips!

(bro and I just got back from the store. ugh)

Pretty, pretty yarn though...

You are singing to the choir and exactly why I really dig into the cave this time of year (although I do enjoy my own celebration, it has nothing to do with Christmas :^D). Rant on, it would end well for me.
Your lace weight handspun is stunning, absolutely Stunning!

Happy Knitting with that beautiful handspun yardage. Can't wait to see what you knit.

Joyous Yule xo
purty yarn. Good job!!

We had extra "dears" in the stores over the weekend due to the storm.

Your yarn is gorgeous. It's a lovely color and the spinning is exquisite.

I would argue on your side if the whole church stealing the holiday discussion comes up. I had that one earlier in the week with some coworkers. They were not amused but I was!

I didn't even leave the house today.

Your new WPI toy? Are you sure you spelled that correctly?

Love, love, love the yarn.

Really, really lovely yarn, Cookie. How do you pre-draft? That is, what method do you use? Happy Tuesday night. :D

You get the best mileage out of your fiber that I've ever seen. The color is great, I'd want to keep that on my desk just to look at it all day.

I've managed to make it through the season without going to a mall or any other emporium full of clueless dears. Gifts have been mostly homemade (by me), handmade (by someone else) or bought online. Although that may change tomorrow at the grocery store because the weather bunnies are threatening us with snow for Christmas. People are hysterical over just the threat.

You got that much yardage with only four ounces? You're magic! (and it's beautiful)

But, it's the most wonderful time of the year! :)

This is why I like having days off in the middle of the week, much less store traffic. Of course it's hard to avoid that problem this time of year.

1273 yards from 4 oz? I bow before your stupendousness. It is gorgeous.

Wow! I am also bowing before your greatness!

Hint, hint.

ohman, we have to go shopping this afternoon for last minute christmas stuff. Nevermind that this is the 10th anniversary of our accident. Nevermind that I don't wanna leave the house...

I would not dream of hinting. I come right out and say: WANT. I know, of course, that it will do me no good.

Keep the sol in solstice, and I wish you a diversity of happy holidays.

the holidays have been cancelled.

Love that yarn. You did a great job spinning it up. Anyway. Feliz Christmas. I need to get off this computer because I have Italian sausage going for my contribution to the in-law Christmas eve bash.

I come here, risking my life and limb to wish you a Merry Christmas, my dear old grinchy poo! :D Love you! Joy to you!

really? You give your stuff away if you ask nice? Must retain that bit of info...Your soft interior self will be our secret! That is some spectacular laceweight. Merry Holly Happy Hopeful! Much love!

The yarn is amazing! Good work. Hey, you should do like my family did this year. No gifts allowed. Simple meal. Yes, we had turkey and stuffing, but no sweet potatoes, fruit salad, etc. After the cleanup, it was game time. My family has a long history of wild and crazy game playing, so it was silly and noisy. And the trip to the grocery store was mercifully brief! Anyhow, it is behind us, and now we can face starting yet another year. And more knitting!

I drive slowly, but I will maintain a pace close to the speed limit if others cannot pass me, and I do not have a Buick, so that was not me.

I think you have the perfect way to balance out all of that blechiness with your gorgeous yarn. I absolutely adore it. It is intimidatingly wonderful. I look forward to seeing what else it becomes.


Beautiful. I've used the Chasing Rainbows merino silk yarn. Have you used their merino-silk roving? I imagine it is as much fun as the yarn.

Are you still sulking about Christmas? It's over, you can come out now.

I am going to have to get some of the Chasing Rainbows roving - that is amazing yarn, and I don't blame you at all for keeping it!

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