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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Spring is coming? Where? Can you hurry it along?

I'm wearing socks today, winter has just begun.


Hand knit socks are the warmest in the world. Of course, like my hat, your socks need to be done to warm your feets. I love your tulips. I only have four months until mine bloom. It's just around the corner, right?

Socks, leg warmers, mitts with gloves over the top, a neck scarf and a huge wool shawl over my coat. The day started at 6 and is now 20, almost a heat wave!

Spring can suck it, I want my winter. Pretty photo, though.

Spring? coming? no way! Winter is not fully here yet and I had only one little snow storm last night, it is not spring time yet.

Cold here too. Didn't get above zero today. Supposed to be that way the rest of the week. It makes you appreciate the warmer temps all the more! ;)

I KNOW I'm behind schedule but can't seem to do anything about it!

We have a blizzard warning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow.

It's been snowing all day. I'm starting some arm warmers as soon as I make it upstairs for the yarn and needles I need...

Don't computers come with the cherriest pictures? I love to stare at my lavender fields..

Socks with Lamb's Pride??? You certainly are cold over there.

Shall I mention it was 70 here today? :-P

Beautiful flowers! Snow, freezing rain and sleet in Vermont today so flowers are in hiding for several more months.

Bah, my flowers that were still blooming in my window box two days ago are coated with ice today. The food I put out for the stray cat I feed froze before he could eat it.

Now I'm going out to shovel snow.


There's nothing like thwacking.

I'm staring at the photo in hopes of warming up. :-) Lamb's Pride socks? Are you felting them for slippers? My handknit socks are on my feet and scarf around my neck.

Have I mentioned how much I love the house socks you did for me? I've been wearing them bunches lately. I'm down to one pair of clean hand knit socks and have no gumption to wash them.

Thwacking is good for the soul.

I agree with Kitten! Spring can suck it! Why do I knit all this wool crap if not to thumb my nose at the snow and non-knitters with a big old EFF YOU!

Looking forward to a lot of promised photos.

wish I could thwack away winter! hate it and it just started. Going down to *7* here tonight. EWW.

Frozen brains are well-preserved... I think it's going to be 13 degrees here today.



You do have heat, right? Turn it up!

feels like spring time when see the yellowish flowers, nature and knitting combine, great images and awesome talents.

Its 21 degrees here this morning - so thank you for the picture - reminds me that this cold won't be forever!

Why do I think that it is still warmer out by you then it is here?

Think warm thoughts! And when that doesn't work, drink hot chocolate!

i love that picture, but ya know what? it looks like a typical day around here...


Love the feel good photo. Definitely cheerful.

...speaking of socks...I have a box full of paper bags around here somewhere. *ahem*

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