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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


It's cold enough that I'd consider knitting the tops of those fingers on girl!

Those topless gloves are cute tho, despite the ice scraping madness.

If you think it's cold in your world try mine. Right now it's 19 degrees and snowing. How thankful am I for leg warmers, gloves (no mitts today!) and a bigass scarf...not to mention warm socks. Oh, and let's not forget wool in general.

Lovely mitts! It's so nice to be able to stay warm AND use your fingers. . . like to text. . . or dial. . .or select a song on your iPod. You know.

Diggin' the mitts, Cookie! As for Mr.Potts, cute, but too fragile for my likes. I'd be afraid that I might snap him in half. But, in my defense, I have a huge Napoleon's complex! On a completely unrelated note, I de-boned some hot wings, and added the meat and some salsa to a can of chili, it was hecka tasty. I highly recommend it. Warmed me up fast.

Fingernails cannot be expected to be at their best when the world is covered with frost. Love the topless gloves!

Nice mitts! Where's my pair?? (we have freezing rain right now)

Those mitts are so pretty. Are you enjoying the cold?

Love the mitts...please send snow and cold weather to PA.

Happy Tuesday. Oh how I wish that I had SyFy. I've seen the ads for that and wanted to watch it.

Beautiful gloves. Truly beautiful.


The gloves are great (and Potts is yummy too!)

Cute mitts! OO and I loved Alice. Watched it this morning while knitting dolly robe for niece- most entertaining (Alice, not the robe. Ugh, I am not a red heart baby clouds fan but it's what's right for Amanda. Oh the sacrifices).

I dunno what to say about the kid, but you and I, our man-tastes do not overlap in the slightest.

Verra nice gloves there missy. Nice colors.

I'm looking forward to knitting something besides socks next week but first gotta get my feet warm and dry for the crappy weather. I do believe some gloves would be a nice change. And a scarf -- I say that knowing full well I absolutely hate knitting scarves. And must have a matchy matchy hat. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I love your glovelets! I have been contemplating knitting something very similar.


Mitts that are both functional and lovely, what else can we ask for? :)

The mitts are really pretty! I can't tell your nails look a mess, but mine are blue right now so I really shan't judge.

I will say that it's kind of hard to believe that young and pretty men are hard to find in California. Just sayin' . . .

I'm old enough to be that kids mother.
I love it that we have the same weather, but your nail are a million times better than mine.


Wow, that frost in the first picture is so pretty! I love the mitts, too.

I hope you defrost soonest! Cold like that shouldn't be allowed at least until January.

Ahh.. It feels good to be reading blogs again!

Nice mitts girlie! Your nails at least are manicured. I'd hate to show you mine this week. Broken and chewed- tis the season for dry, cracked hands I'm afraid. Tell Angie that homemade chili is infinitely better. ;-) I made myself nachos with homemade chili- I threw some hot pimenton in there. Yum.

Oh and do you secretly vegetable garden too? I see plant cages there that might house a tomato or two as well as beans..... Nice photos.

I love the gloves! I'd be knitting a pair for myself were it not for impromptu Christmas knitting.

I TiVo'd Alice but haven't started watching it yet. Maybe tonight I'll get started!

Ooooohhhhh, I like yours much better than mine! I didn't make the fingers long enough and I find myself curling my fingers up trying to get them inside.

I'm impressed you navigated the fiddly fingers with dpns AND a double thickness of yarn. I would have birds' nests.

and he's just perfect for you :)

LOVE THE MITTS. Now, where's the hat? Are your ears cold??? The frost is so very pretty in the sunlight.

Nice mitts! Is your frost all gone now? I'd be glad to trade you for the 5" of snow I had to shovel this morning.

I love YOUR frost pictures too!

Mitts look wonderful. I'm turning a heel on a pair of Fuzzy Feet and can't end up with the right amount of stitches no matter how many times I do it...sigh.

Nice glovelets! I'm impressed that you made fingers; my fingerless mitts are truly fingerless. I had to help sell Christmas trees today, so I wore a pair of those skinny $1.50 stretchy gloves under the fingerless mitts. It was kinda cute. But now the gloves aren't as cute, because they did tree duty...

such pretty mitts! i'd never heard of 'alice'. something to definitely think about it. is it on the tv or is it online only?

"While my nails are a mess, I am calling this one a win."

I was just thinking... you have nice nails... you are too hard on yourself!


Love the mitts - such a yummy color!! Your frost is much prettier than what's going on here. Stay warm!


I love the mitts AND Andrew Lee Potts :) I thought the flying flamingos were awesome and Lewis Carroll would have been proud.

pretty pretty! :D

Really nice mitts, and I love the frost crystals in the first shot! Stay warm.

Not a fan of that white sparkly stuff. At the moment, I'm trying to remember why I live in Vermont...
Lovely mitts! I need to knit some mitts or gloves, since yesterday's search through the mitt/glove stash revealed 14 half-pairs and no pairs at all. *sigh*

I love your tipless gloves!! :D Yay for keeping hands warm and toasty. Frost is so lovely; your photos capture it nicely.

Oooh those are really nice mitts! Would you believe I was using the credit card trick a couple of weeks ago because we couldn't find our snow brushes? Yeah. Next to the door in the house. ::facepalm::

Stay warm!

How cold? Cuz it got down below zero here the past couple of nights. Was 54 in my bedroom last night (upstairs, somewhat far from the woodstove with no heat vents) and 61 in my kitchen when I got up (furthest from the stove and one degree from making the actual furnace turn on) Around here we call that 'fecking cold' ;o)

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