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Monday, December 07, 2009


We got a couple of inches of snow today as well. But, that little snow you got is going to come here and smack us around late Tuesday. Possibly up to 8 inches. Glad i don't have to work Wednesday. :)

enjoy your snow day!

Hey - you have MY weather! That doesn't happen very often.

Go make "Snow Angels" right now!!! I'm going to as soon as we have more than a dusting.


Ooh, I'm excited for you about the snow!

I was a deprived child and didn't know what "Snow Angels" were till I was an adult. For those of you who have not experienced snow... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_angel

It's so sad when we ladies get excited about half an inch or so.

Susan and Suzie look a little chilly...

Enjoy your snow while it lasts!


They changed the compose screen? Mine's still the same.
And so is my snow, my bulbs and I mailed my two scarves this morning.
Where did you live before 35 years ago?


Our snow is already gone!

"Hard limit"? Hmmm, wonder what context you've used that word in before...

At least your snow stuck. I was sad it just flurried. :D

Heh. Erm. Hard limits. Not going there either. As far as knitting, I'm almost done with my Dashings as my fetchings are too short, both arm and hand wise. I can't wait. I have about 10 rows and a thumb and then I'll have toasty warm hands too.

Yes 6 and being all giddy on Christmas Day to find it in fact is a snowy Christmas! I remember that well in Greece where snow was not that common of an occurrence. Did you make a shallow snow angel?

Since when is Carrie a "kitten" with a capital K? Heh.

If you are happy to have snow, I am happy that you have snow. My compose screen looks the same -- maybe they didn't change the El Cheapo accounts?

I'm always afraid to say this. But I LIKE snow. ALOT of snow. But not after February.

Typepad looks the same to me, but that doesn't mean it won't change soon. We have about the same amount of snow...piddly by our standards. Dammit.

Snow?!? That's crazy talk! But it's been raining down here for about 8 hours straight, and that's the most I've seen, too. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Groovy! We got an inch or so Saturday that turned sort of icey Sunday. I didn't bother to brush off my car, so it was a bit of a disaster this morning, apparently. Lucky girl that I am, my hubby took care of it before I even finished my coffee! :^)

The compose box thingy has changed back to normal. No clue what is going on. Although, I am wondering if the lovely people at TypePad are messing with my head again.

/waits for our Ginevra to arrive and explain all

Holy snow bunnies batman! We got nothing. 50 miles and a world away.

I say skip work and call in to say you're stuck in a snow drift...

I'm a Gemini, so I don't do limits. It's like cryptonite to us, or ex-lax. We didn't get any snow in Arden-Arcade, it just rained a bunch. And then some sort of large-ish animal dropped a twosie on my porch. Not a good morning, I tell ya.

At least I hope it was an animal. Hmm

You have about as much as we had this morning! Crazy.

I'm six too. Every single year it's a big damn deal for me the first time it snows. Of course that doesn't necessarily last.

Enjoy - snow is something I'm always happy to see - it coats the everything in wonder!!!

Poor Jason is off in Seattle for a job interview and was disappointed with the chill. He says it's nearly as cold there as it is here. Sadly my snow is going away soon as rain is on the day. Darn. I'm sure I'll be getting more though!

Your snow and your photos are beautiful. And I don't think there's anything weird about your enjoying a rare weather event, any more than there's anything weird about my enjoying a 70-degree January day. (Except that part of my mind is always freaking out that the world is finally melting and I'm going to be underwater in half an hour.)

I will indulge your excitement about the snow, while I brace for the season's first big storm. I'm glad you don't have to shovel yours...


I've been out sick for what feels like forever, but there shouldn't have been any changes, especially not on a Monday. If there were, it'd be just a blip for you and maybe one you saw since you're on the Beta team.

If you can let me know what you saw, I can probably explain it more.

I met another TypePad blogger this weekend (hopefully I didn't give her my flu crud) that you might like. Not suitable for all audiences, of course, so I love her.

I got more of that white stuff if ya want it... Also, they are talking 12+ Tuesday nite/Wednesday morning. God help me if they cancel school!

I just finished a Fetching because I lost one at the end of last winter. I have worn them outside in this weather, 30's, butt cold, but I need them for the office. Freezing in there and I am usually not cold.
Hey, we are getting rain, sleet and snow tomorrow! Good times! Not!

First, snow in Texas. Now in California?? What is going on!??
I am super happy for your snowfall! SUPER! Hope that gets you in the mood. Not necessarily the HOLIDAY mood, just THE mood. Whatever that may be!

You are so lucky, snow! I love it and react just like you although I am much older, I hope you enjoyed it.

You had more snow than me!!! That is too exciting for you. I'm so not interested on work days. On the weekend, YAY!!!!! Enjoy and get that hat knit NOW!!!!

That's just about how much snow we had here in Jersey. We were actually able to smell it coming - it's just so wonderful!!!

I'm glad you got some snow to play in! I'd be excited too, if I hardly ever got to see it.

I would LOVE it to snow just a little, maybe once a week! For the winter anyhow. Enjoy.

Glad you got to enjoy it a bit! I am so close to finally finishing my scarf, and may cast on another...

Have fun in your snow! My personal feeling is one or two snowfalls a year is plenty. Bit one early one sticking every 35 years is MAGIC.

Being six is not so bad. :D.Your snow is pretty nifty, considering. I could just ditto bev and Nora buttttt, I'll be in DC for the Wisconsin blizzard. I may be sorry.

Oh, fun! I love a little snow. Just not a big one, or weeks of snow. But a pretty dusting, or even 6 inches that melts in 3 days, is perfect!

Yay! I hope you had the chance to get out and play in the snow. I hope your hands are warmed with new knitwear.

Hee-hee-hee-white love.


Congratulations on the snow! I know exactly what you mean - I really missed it those 13 years we lived in Mtn. View. It wasn't much better when we were in Eugene.

Now, the first year we moved to Rochester and had six feet of snow on the ground? That was a bit of overkill. A nice happy medium is always good.

It's snowing like crazy this morning. Not sure how many inches we'll have but it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. Yay for the ski resorts!

Yay for the snow. You've got almost as much as we have this year so far. That.is.just.not.riiiiiiiight.

I seriously love that you have made friends with the typepad lady and that she's scoping out adult-audience blogs for you. Heh.

i covet your snow.

Me too - every once in a while R makes noises about wanting to move somewhere warmer and I shoot him down. I *like* living in New England. I *like* snowy days and frost on the windows. I do not like humidity year-round, wilting curls (because mine do, you know, in the humidity) and rain, not snow, in December. ;o)

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