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Monday, December 14, 2009


cute socks! I should make some like these for my Mom!

Yes, I am very glad you got batteries for the camera. I love that yarn. Nothing grabs me like a pair of pink socks!

Cozy feet are happy feet!

I like the color and the way it stripes without being all over the color spectrum. And there's no partly about it here, it's all cloudy.

Cute socks! Good picture. Maybe all you ever needed was new batteries!?

Purty socks!

I love those socks so much they make my heart hurt. And I suppose this was another one of your "Oh I just pulled this outta my brain" patterns, wasn't it?

I love those socks!!! They are beautiful. Do they slide on the floor?????????????????

I saw that color in WI and thought of you too. :D

Take the sunny where you can get it.


It's so nice to see socks on your blog again!

Very cute socks - I love worsted weight socks in the winter!

That's a great use for that tone-on-tone Lamb's Pride, and the socks look like they could give the nails in our kitchen floor a run for their money. Win/win in my book.

Stinking cute! I've been so cold I'd have made them into knee socks, cause nothing's sexier...

Oh my... I really really like that shade of yarn... Next time I order on line I will have to try to remember that. I don't think anyone carries that around here...

Make me think of those strawberry cream lifesavers

Nom nom nom. I'm an emotional eater.

At this point, I'd eat your socks.


Oh wow, house socks sound like such a fantastic idea! And I've never used Lamb's Pride... I should get on that.

I may need to make myself some. 2 pairs of my favorite socks have sprouted holes/ sob.

For some reason I feel the urge for strawberry jam... Can't for the live of me figure why...

What a great color! And you say It is worsted weight? I think I need to get me some of that there yarn. Now. Well, maybe I'll sleep first. Thanks for sharing. Happy sunny day to you.

Pretty socks; I love that color!

Love those socks - I'll have to see if there's a purple version of the yarn.
And I'd settle for partly sunny. It's still snowing, here.


I wonder.


i love the socks! what a perfect colorway. it's absolutely delicious.

Hey! At least you are getting something done. I was viciously waylayed by a trashy novel and got no knitting done last night at all!

Any day you can see the world as partly sunny over partly cloudy is a win.

I really like the house socks. I would knit them as gifts for some people who would love and enjoy them if only they understood. Instead, I think I am soon going to knit some house socks for myself.


Grrr. My comment was eaten by ... something yesterday. Anyway, what I was TRYING to say was I loves the socks!!! Keep those feet warm!


Those are Happy Socks! :-)

I love Lamb's Pride. It is wayyyyy under-appreciated now, what with all the choices we have. But all those choices are not as great as they sometimes seem. Lamb's Pride is a great solid known quantity. Great strawberry socks!

It's completely sunny here, but it's only 7 degrees. I think I'd rather have snow and 30's right now. Of course, then I'd have to shovel...

Hope you enjoyed your mostly sunny day!

Love those socks. I'm working on a pair using the alpaca (or is it mohair??? - ugh) blend from KnitPicks. Whisps for sure, and they feel so soft. I hope they don't felt!!

Lovely housesocks, Cookie. They remind me of strawberries. :D Batteries are good.

okay I'm not looking at dates or anything so it appears to me that you finished a pair of socks in two. fricken. days?!

I think I hate you. ;op

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