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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Your floors look like my floors and if I squint just right, my floors are fine. Try squinting. And, I love your socks.

I wish I had wood floors. And those are nice socks!

I love the psychedelic swirl the pattern and the yarn make.... I'm hypnotized

Nice socks, but didn't you tell me not long ago you don't need more socks? :)

I just had mine re-done. I don't want to talk about it or the bubbling I noticed today.

Discounted or discontinued?

Your floors look like you know a dog named Lilly or engage in strenuous activities.


Nice socks! Darn, you know if you do the floors, then you'll have to be extra careful again not to mess them up...hmm

Oh I love those socks! I'm about to finish a pair of socks myself, I'm very excited. ;)

Nice socks! Another pair for your mother? You're such a kind and benevolent daughter. :D

Your floors look way better than mine.

Great socks! xx

I don't see anything wrong with your floors. They look like mine.

I like the socks. Kinda make my eyes go cross eyed though! :)

You know, if you do the floors then something else will have to be done. It's a vicious cycle. I'd leave well enough alone!!

I REALLY like those. Nice nice

Nice socks and the floor looks "loved".

You knit entire pair of socks today? I totally believe it.

I like those socks. If I keep staring at them, they move a little.


Lovely colour yarn.

I wouldn't dare take a picture on my floor. My dogs have ripped up the tope layer off the vinyl and it is a real mess. Top of the list for replacing but too many other things need to happen first (long story).

Lot of movement in those socks. What fun:)

Socks = lovely.

Floor = "seasoned." That's what my sister-in-law called mine (which have probably never been refinished in their 70-year history) and I'm sticking with it.


I love the socks! And I love how you've "distressed" your floors. It's very chic!

They're almost psychedelic! I like 'em!

Those socks are gorgeous!

And, as for hardwood floors. My "D" as in DUMB husband covered ours with carpet because he gets cold..... AND we have long-haired cats.

yep - he vacuums....

sorry for the rant - lol!! This is not even my blog! :D

Lovely socks. But... y'all don't get cold enough for worsted socks now do you?! O.o ;)

Oh I like those! I really need to make a pair of WW knee socks for sleeping.... I'm usually so cold at night. Must buy yarn... hehehe

Cute and purply!

Just don't cover the floors with carpet.

I wonder what strenuous activity Joan is referring to? I like cindycindy's suggestion, though.
Cute socks!

Love the socks!

love those socks! so purply! (yes that's a word.)

your floor looks better then my carpet.

are those sock of the month socks? ;op

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