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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sending love and support. Sorry. Keeping the fiber and pretty young men, though.

If, and I mean if, I find pretty young men/man, he'stheir mine. I will more than gladly send all else your way. Take care, Sweetie!!!

Sounds like a nasty day to me! I'd eat some leftover chicken & dumplings, kick the computer a couple times and call it a day!

Feel better.


Sorry you're not up to snuff! Have a nice cup of tea and hibernate for a while.

And yes, my momma definitely is fabulous.

Damn, I hate when all that happens at once!

Oh thank heaven. I am in desperate need of this week being done with.

Kick the computer, fondle the fiber, play w/the pretty boys and here's hoping next week is better.

Chicken 'n dumplings can cure anything!

Sending hugs, support and virtual chicken soup - sorry we're fresh out of young men, pretty or otherwise around here ;)

Nope. Still not allowed to cancel the week. Just go all "I can't hear you" on the crazy shit and it'll be ok.

Iz working for me?

I'll send whatever I can find... except the cold and gray, which you do not need.


Feel better soon!

If you're cancelling the rest of the week, does that mean I don't have to go to work tomorrow and Friday? Awesome.

I could send you my cousin, who is a pretty young man, but that would be kind of creepy. Plus he's naive in the wrong kind of way, I think.

The only pretty young man I have lying around happens to like other pretty young men. Will that work for you? One thing I've noticed is that if you're "just looking", it kind of doesn't matter.

Sorry about the headache and the computer. You had a crap day!

I hope you feel better soon and all machines, services and other annoyances will start behaving and soon!

But wait! It's National Chocolate Day! Surely that should help???

Thank you for canceling the rest of the week. I'm not up to it either. :-P

All those British boys you love? They called me and told me to tell you they're on their way. Don't bother getting pretty, they said. They love you when you're kinda pouty. Then Johnny Depp left a message on my machine. I think he accidently dialed me instead of you, and said some really wicked things. I distinctly heard 'Cookie' so I'm pretty sure it's for you. He was whispering. It was hard to hear. Then, you won't believe this, I heard a knock on the door and Sean Connery wanted your address again because he couldn't find it - lost it in the car on the way to the castle back from picking up the kilts at the dry cleaner. So I gave it to him - hope you don't mind. I know he's kinda old, but I'm pretty sure he was pretty once upon a time. So let us know how all that goes - mkay? ;-)

Canceling the rest of the week works for me!

I hope technology starts obeying you as it should soon.

What'd you do to piss off gmail? Heh.

Ohhhhh, chicken & dumplings. Some days NOTHING else will do. My health food store understands this from time to time, and I love them all the more for it. Today, though, I made chicken soup and it was just what the doctor ordered. Though I do not therefore understand what this headache is all about. Ergh.

Sorry, pretty young man playthings that I come across in my travels will be kept here. Cancel away, though, I could stand a break.

Hoping you find dramatic improvement of the week asap.....okay, and a few pretty young ones.

Don't forget the bridge falling down and having to leave home at 4am tomorrow morn...cancel my week too please.

I'm so sorry, sweetie. I hope things are better before the end of the cancellation, and that you have enough chicken 'n' dumplings to get you through.

The headaches do make it all the more difficult to handle everything else.


I misread that as feel free to leave a massage- guess I'm not as awake as I think. ;) Hope things improve pronto!

So sorry. Week cancelling sounds reasonable.Maybe its time ot try crackers again since the chicken & dumpling success?

I would totally go to the week store and ask for your money back. This is clearly not the fabulous fibre and studliness they promised on the package, and they owe you a long refreshing sleep and a fresh start.


Does this mean I can haz go home nao?!? Why didn't anyone tell me!!! ;)

I'm with Jessica! Are we all off of the hook?

Go and pet some of the purdy fiber I saw earlier in the blog week. You'll feel better. I promise.


sounds like you need a care package.


{{{hugs!!!}}} and some advil, perhaps?

I'm surrounded by young men. Which ones do you want?



can I get a do-over? can I go back to last Friday before R yelled at his boss and started this whole horrible chain of events? plz? *sigh*

Feel better Cookie! I'll miss your presence...

Darn!! Oooh I love a good Chicken/dumplings! I wish it were last Monday again, then I'd be off for 4 days again ;)

Dang I wish knew earlier the week was cancelled;) No pretty men here, but then they can be a lot of trouble anyway. Hope things are on the upswing and much fiber finds it's way to you.

Well at least the chicken and dumplings were fantastic or the first week in November might be a risk for canceling as well.

Sending virtual chicken soup, with dumplings. It's Monday. Whole new week. Does that help?

Hey, you okay? I'm missing your snark.

Wow, I hope you and your computer feel better soon. And the wind stops blowing. That would solve all your problems, I think.

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