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Monday, October 26, 2009


Hoping for love. Already hit the candy. What wonderful pressies. You deserve all that goodness, Cookie.

Bordello IS a great name.

I bet you guys had a great time hanging out yesterday. I love that bag!

Merino/silk is wonderful to spin and that name will make it more so! Having time with friends is always good time.

Ooh, pretty fiber!

Plagued by kamikaze squirrels?
Mmm, the bordello is great. You're right, it's a fabulous name.

Hope your good mood sticks around for at least the rest of the day.

Makes me wonder what the Whorehouse line would look like.
Cute bag! Could do without the severed finger, myself, but I am a wuss. Yes, we knew that. I think everyone needs an Otter in her life.

That is some gorgeous fiber! Now I'm all inspired to spin again. And knit some more. If it weren't for this silly make-a-living crap that takes up so much time I'd accomplish so much more!

Enjoy the fuzzy stuff....XO

Bordello is such the right name for you to have!

I'm glad you're in a good mood. I've been on the phone all day with a huge issue at work. Wheeee! Pls snd chocolate!

Oh, and I finished a pair of socks in a month! I'm getting faster!

Forget love. Go for the candy. Bordello is a perfect name for a pink yarn for you! Pretty, pretty yarn.

Love the love fest! Hope the hyper loves lasts a long time.

Bordello. Hubba hubba!

Wonderful gifts. Cute bag!

That's going to be some very pretty yarn.

You know, if the squirrels want to play chicken you could always hit the gas instead of the brakes! ;)

Stop that. You do not suck and shit.

Well, actually, I suppose you do, if we take that literally. Unless you've had a colostomy that we don't know about.

But metaphorically speaking, you don't.

Glad you had a good time with KnittyOtter.

Wowwwwwwwwwww, you are awesomely fortunate to have a knitter for a best friend! And one that really gets you is even better. Lucky too to have someone who sends you pretty fiber.

Theme to this post?

Nice goodies!

Bordello and Party Dress kind of go hand and hand ya know. Love the Halloweeny bag! Can't help but notice that some of them have very worried expressions on their faces.

Merino/Silk called Bordello - what's not to love?!

I've been in training class all day. Used to be the company fed all trainees, but now they feed only classes with at least one client in them. Along about midafternoon, however, the teacher disappeared briefly and returned with what appeared to be a wastebasket, but it was actually a large candy dish. No wonder I like her.

Pretty pretty fluff. I iz jealous. The 7 deadly sinz, I haz them.

Lovely mood and lovely reasons for it.

Awww...best friends with fiber are the best! The only "moth-proofed" yarn I have ever seen is Curious Creek. I heard they soak it in something that wards off moths, but who knows?

Moth-proofed yarn:


That Bordello is to die for......but then again I have always been a ho. ;0)

Pretty stuff. I sure hope that you consider making something Bordello-y out of the Bordello. It will be cool no matter what. Find it hard to believe that you "suck and shit". The pictures come out the way they do because the camera takes them that way. No personal suckiness involved. My opinion--there you have it. Glad you enjoyed visiting with your BFF.

What Cheryl said about the moth proofing. It's pretty common in wool yardgoods too.

I saw that Bordello stuff spun up somewhere and said - Must Get Some - now I really must.

Glad you had a lovely day, don't we wish our BFF's were around more?


I'm so glad you were able to spend time with your best friend, and have your Party Dress and Tempted Bordello to remember the day.


Squirrels are evil. Don't forget that. :)

Mothproof yard sounds interesting. Also, sounds like an Indie band. :)

Ooh!!! Makes me want to take the day off and spin! Enjoy your fibery goodness!

Any day with a best friend is a a good day.

I think in my next life I want to name yarn and fiber colorways.


Glad you guys had a great time. I have seen "mothproofed" in lots of vintage yarn. One shudders to imagine what chemical it has been soaked in. OR is it really acrylic????? Hee.

Yay for a visit from the Otter! :) Lovely gifties too. Just make sure you don't get that bamboo stuff near an open flame.

Lovely 'stuff' coming out of the bag.

Personally I hate halloween. I'm so glad that only one of mine is young enough to want to dress up and trawl the streets. Unfortunately I am the only one at home on saturday to accompany him.

I'm still confuzzled about how they moth proofed that stuff. Of course that one "sock" yarn we saw really has my head spinning. Pure Plastic Socks. No Fracking Way!!

It was super awesome to see you. :D


gorgeous fibers! i can't wait for you to spin that party dress up.

so glad you got to spend some time with your best friend. :)

Yeah for wonderful friends who pop by and get you. :D

Yay for seeing best friends!!!! Excellent bag stuffing.

ooo pretty!

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