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Monday, October 19, 2009


I love that you describe it as porn star gloss. Classic! I'll have to try that stuff.

Great yarn. That looks really lovely and soft. :D

Thanks for the product review, now would you mind trying that crazy mascara she's hawking lately too?

Oh yeah and the yarn looks just pretty pretty.

Phew, glad you're happy and not dead. That yarn is gorgeous!

Rain - Yay!

Lovely little skein indeed.

Isn't it fun to find a new lipstick that you love? The 'slick lips' part I'm not so crazy about either!

The rain you have is headed our way. If you could just hold on to it until it peters out, all the farmers around here would be eternally grateful.


I tried a new lip gloss last week and it's got mint flavoring in it. I kinda like it.

That spinning book looks interesting. I haven't seen that one and will have to check it out.

I'll try the lipstick. My current is the Maybelline version of same. But I'm always up for porn-star gloss.

What a wonderful job you did. How thin is that shit? I only got 30 yd out of my 2 oz of yak. (but that schtuff is short and puffy)

So, did the humidity go down? You feeling better?

Very pretty yarn - what area you going to do with it?

Oh my, I love it, too. Manise is fabulous.

Hurray for rain!

Terrific book. I'm so happy for you. Rain means less fire hazard, right???? Your spinning (on the wheel or spindle) rocks!!

I thought that yarn was on the cover of the book. You can take that to mean that your spinning rocks (as someone else already said).

The yarn is gorgeous and I can't wear lipstick to save my life.

What a lovely gift, and lovely yarn, too!

Yeah, lipstick? I think I last bought one in the 20th century... I'm more of a Burt's Bees gal.


very pretty spinning! Covergirl was my favorite, my only lipstick until I became allergic to it...must have gluten in it.

Cookie has porn star lips! I knew it! haha!

/running....and running...

You are very welcome! Love your wee shiny purple skein. Nice combination of spinning methods you used.

I tried Carole's new lipstick too. Love it. Was surprised by the mint kick after applying it!

I have yet to try spinning a tencel blend, although I have some in stash patiently waiting. I'm glad to hear it spins up easily. Your yarn looks lovely and shiny, I imagine not unlike the lip gloss. :-)

That yarn is gorgeous!! I seriously think you should spin more and then use it to knit a shawl.

I know. I'm so inspiring it hurts.


i'm so glad it rained! is it still raining today? it seems i'm always a day late and a dollar short. :P

You wear lipstick?

/falls over

Nice gift - I'm dying to get that book! It'll happen soon I'm sure.

Your Ophelia yarn is gorgeous. I am mega-impressed by the combo spinning turned into magic yarn.

Enjoy your nifty new book!

I hope that you got just the amount of rain you need.


I haven't worn lip gloss since Reagan was president. Maybe I should try some. (My daughter wears lip gloss with aplomb and expertly applied eye makeup. Apparently knowledge of all things girly skipped a generation in my family.)

I bought a wheel from Amy at Rhinebeck and acquired a signed copy of her book in the process. I've been spinning for a while now, but I still can't wait to start working my way through it.

awesome book! is it signed? if you want dirty sheep pictures drawn in it, let me know. I can hook you up *grin*

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