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Friday, October 23, 2009


Beautiful gloves, and yeah, she's adorable. The moss isn't growing on you yet, is it?

Nodding. Smiling.

Absolutely! Do what you gotta do to get through it. As soon as I can knit again, I'll totally be doing that.

Yak... I got yak. But not yak fiber to spin. But I got yak yarn. O.o A lot of yak yarn. The boy did good. And now we have a punch card for Babetta's. I may send it to you.

Awesome mitts! Happy weekend!

i'm nodding. i'm smiling. i'm also thinking of running away from the lyra. eeps.

my first thought on seeing the photo above: she went hiking?!? can't be!

smiling and nodding oh and lovely mitts too :)

Nodding. Smiling. She loves her darling mitts. What a doll you are. I promise not to tell anybody!

yes, she is super cute and so are those mitts. What a lucky typepadladythingy.

Cute Pink mitts. She looks super happy. You done good!

I'm nodding & smiling. :)

excellent pink mitts :)

She is adorable. As are the glove/mitts, which my local paper called glittens today.

My Lyra rounds are only taking an hour, you are clearly way a head of me.


Oooh moss and a wee seedling off to the right. Has the squirrel been planting sunflower seeds in the tree??

Nice mitts. Did you get an upgrade?

Ginevra is super-cute and those mitts are even cuter! But wait -- did someone twist your arm to knit PINK? Heehee.


OMG, she is adorable and so are those biking mitts.

Moss is nice.


Nod. :D


woot! awesome. *jealous whine in a pathetic key*

She is a very lucky girl.

Your tree is quite arty.

Oh, how funny is she? And now she has delicious mitts, too!

At least the stuff is growing on the tree, and not you...


She is cute and she deserved the lovely pink mitts, but I'm still mad at Typepad.



Most excellent pink mitts.

She is a definitel looker and is going to make all the girls jealous!

Iz wonderful tree! And knitting, of course.

you are too, too awesome and I love them. I couldn't be more pleased.

Cookie for President!

Those are so cute!

When the rounds get that long, you definitely need the other things to help you along.


Hmmm. The slow down on Lyra chant seems to be working. Just not as well as it needs to. ;)

Those gloves are so cute!

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