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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Mmmm I love me some Captain TightPants!! (Especially with NO Pants!!)

I watched Castle last night too. I was squeeing with delight. :D

OMG I missed Castle. Good thing I can watch it online. In fact I had quite the Castlefest last season, and I intend to repeat this year!

You have great taste in men! Oded too - it just got warm didn't it?

I'm making Chicken & Dumplings too!!!
But I have my own recipie and my mother to take the chicken off the bone.

I'm with you on #1 - love that movie.


Yum. Nathan. Yum. Oded. Yum, Orlando.
I LOVED the Usual Suspects.

Ohmygosh- Castle made me giggle with pure delight! "I'm a space cowboy!" It. Was. Awesome.

That scene in Mr. Blandings is one of the best. "you got that?" "yup, red, blue, white" LOL

The only one I've seen is The Pink Panther, and it was so long ago I've forgotten most of it. And I think they used a clip of that Mrs. Blandings scene in a Benjamin Moore commercial. Maybe I need to get out more?

I happened upon Castle last night for the first time and honestly I thought it was pretty lame. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

LOL, me too. Loved castle wearing the firefly uniform. :-( that he didn't wear it to his party.

I prefer my wool/yarn sans pesticide thankyouverymuch!

Monty Python and The Holy Grail: the killer bunny rabbit scene. "That's no ordinary rabbit... he's got a vicious streak a mile wide..." "What does he do, nibble your bum?"

yay for captain tightpants!

and oh yes... oded fehr. oh yes.

I made chicken & dumplings in a fevered state last week. They were delicious. I wonder what I did right?

I watched Castle last night too! Guess what I'll be watching at 8pm tonight?

Oded Fehr. Yum.


I need to watch some movies! :D. Yummy soup!

How cool was it when he came out in his Mal costume? "Space Cowboy? Weren't you that, like 5 years ago?" HA!

Oh, I love that scene... I aim to misbehave as well :)


Space cowboy! I was disappointed that he wore Poe for the party.

Great episode.

Mmmmm...chicken 'n' dumplings....


I must live under a rock, because I haven't seen any of those movies... perhaps it's because I can't stay awake long enough to watch a movie?

How were the dumplings?


You know, it's too bad you and I don't live closer since we seem to have much in common: Mark Harmon, Nathan Fillion and Oded Fehr all make my toes curl; knitting and spinning; both of us are cranky (maybe the two sets of cranky would cancel each other out... or set the house on fire); both of us have snarky senses of humor; we understand being owned by old, bossy cats... Sadly, Michigan and what, S. Cal? are far to far apart for road trips. Alas.

I saw the first couple of minutes of Castle and it was awesome! R and I were both like...hey! it's Mal! woo! ;op

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