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Monday, September 21, 2009


I am particularly interested in item 6.

If you liked the 1973 Wicker Man, please do not under any circumstances watch the remake with Nicholas Cage. Please.
(I love the 1973 version. The other one is banned from my house).

Thanks for the birthday shout out!

OK then.

I think you should get into professional competitive knitting. You may have a lucrative career there.


I agree with Gale. #6 is intriguing;-P

"After eight years with Bush, virgins are rather thin on the ground."

You have no idea how much this made me giggle. My coworkers think I've lost it.

5 and 6 are my top picks. Yeah. Where the hell are all the virgins? More sacrifices for everyone I say. :D

Yeah, the Bush-virgins-thin on the ground comment made me giggle, too. I'm with ya on #6...

WHAT?! You mean with a Texas Christian in the White House, all the little girls around the country didn't stand up and praise Jeebus and publicly announce that they were saving themselves?!
/dies of shock.

Bush had something to do with virgins? what did I miss now ? :)

I like 4 and 8!

You'd better not be drankin'. Cause if you are, I'm coming right over there to confiscate it.

if i didn't love you so much, i'd hate you. :P

Ahhh the infamous fur bikini. Good times huh?

I can't wait to see the shawl, and I won't tell anyone ;)

Imagine.. if you would.

The back of my hand, with all fingers curled under, except for one.

You know which one it is. ;-)

(I heart you dearly, our Cookie)

I never remember to post that thing until you do. ;)

I'm anxiously waiting for all 3 of the shawls!

I didn't know Bush had anything to do with virgins either.

Oooh! You're winning the race!

I like #9. It really should have been #2 though. ;)


I don't think there is anything I should comment on here. :)

They should know that a KAL with the Master will leave them in the dust...

I think your therapy has succeeded in giving you lots of lovely FOs, even if you do remain charmingly cranky. Otoh that could be a selling point, depending on how cranky I'm feeling myself at a given moment.

It's a race!


love this list. And I would never do a KAL with you, you are a scary fast knitter (in a totally awesome way of course)

The girls will forgive you. After all, Opal sends you yarn and you wind it for her! She told me I needed to get my own Cookie when I complained about it! ;)

OK, you have to explain the virgins/Bush comment :-)

Can't wait to see the shawl!

So not surprised about the shawl. Or anything else in this post. <3

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