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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hee! I think he needs some hand-knit socks for those boots, though...


I am so with you on that one!

Amen to that!

I'm not so sure about the mountain hiking, but the view is wonderful!

Oh, honey, just use a commuter cup. It holds a double just fine;-P

That's why you should always carry a hip flask.


You might fall on a hip flask. But that's what Bota Bags were invented for. Or heck, even a Camelbak.

You need one of those long necked plastic thingies you can get a margarita in in Vegas or was it somewhere else?:)

See? Just mention a problem and your commenters will solve it for you. The Camelbak might be a bit of overkill, however...

Ahhh... to be that young and energetic again. Viva la youth or something like that.

I guess I should get a post together or something huh? I have WI sky pictures. Or could I just send them to you and you do the posts. :D

Very pretty. Stay home with me and we'll sit and shake our heads about what the young people find to do these days.

2nd DS has a backpack that holds liquids with a tube "straw" that you can suck on while biking, hiking etc. You'd never lose your ice again! ;)


We can let the youngins hike and sit at the base with our knitting and drinks. Or at least our drinks ;-)

Trust me, the wedding band sparklies will make up for any hiking. ;op

He DOES have handknit socks! HE WON'T WEAR THEM! He's afraid he'll put a hole in them or something and break my heart - or at least, that's what he tells me. ;o)

I cannot wait for him to read this post, lol

bah, I had ideas for flask, camelbak, and a simple commuter cup...but forgot how smart your readers are.
Such a pretty sky, there. At least some handknits could be worn in the evenings whilst roasting marshmallows?

hiking? yeesh.

I can feel my gums bleeding from the effort and altitude already... ;)

I'm with you - that doesn't seem like a vacation to me but to each their own!

I'd rather knit than hike. Hiking makes my beer fizz over...

As long as the mountain's not so steep that I can fall off it and go boom, then I'm game. Especially if there's wine afterwards. Or gin. Or beer. I'm not picky.

That's exactly my idea of a vacation! But yes, I do miss the ice. :o)

I should have emailed you from the beach but what would I have held my mojito with?

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