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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I've seen Opal's progress, and now yours. Gorgeous Shawl! I wonder how far Meg has gotten???

I'm cracking up about the squirrel. We had a baby racoon sitting on our deck one day. We tried to make it go away, but it wouldn't budge. Then, Paul gets this "bright" idea to throw a glass of water on it. Yeah. Then we had a soaking wet raccoon baby staring at us. HA!

Poor squirrel. Teenagers of all species are kinda dumb.
I have about 30 of ol' Herbert's patterns bookmarked on Rav. Must get that book.

Last weekend my mom and sister were camping and my mom went on and on about "that cute little squirrel" for ages . . UNTIL she decided to take a nap and that squirrel decided to get in the tree directly above her napping spot and gnaw pine cones off (which then landed with the sound of rifle shots on top of the camper). It was awesome.

Camping would be way easier without nature.

I love that shawl though, and look forward to seeing the scarf, and the soon to be spun laceweight, oh yeah and the solar dyed spun yarn! Dang! You're Busy!

Damn teenagers.

I must check out that book on the left. I have one that uses handspun stuff too, but I can't remember the name right off hand.

Last night I spindled on my trindle and today, I'm fighting with some Mini-mochi. Do.not.buy.the.crap. It's splitty and is turning my hands funky colors. (either that or I've just become way more medically interesting)

I'm so glad this is an easy shawl and shouldn't take too long and I have all the seasons of Gray's to knit to. I could not imagine this stuff being for socks. (hmmm... I could have used this comment as a blog post)

Want some of his lace weight in a nice banana yellow? I'm still trying to figure out how/what to do with the green and blue lace weight. I love the colors and it is Dave yarn. It should be knit and not museumed.

That will be a beautiful shawl!

Enjoy those books - looks like many wonderful hours of knitting await!


them red scarves can be rotten, can't they? I love your new shawl. It's so very pretty. And, Joan outdid herself, didn't she? What wonderful goodies. Poor little teenaged squirrel. Stuck and can't get out. Is this Darwin's theory in action?

Oh, that color (2nd pic) is WONderful. I can't wait to see it unfold. As for the teen squirrel. . . maybe he's just pretending to be stuck. To piss off his mom. . .

Looking forward to watching your progress! How is the pattern? Better fit for you I'm guessing, based on the lack of...snark and teeth gnashing :^)

I'm plugging away on my Rhinebeck sweater. Maybe I'll even take pictures and post them on Rav!

Oh my gosh, she really IS the Fairy GodKnitter! What fantastic books to have received.

That's so pretty! Hope the squirrel got down okay!

I really like the color yarn you settled with for your shawl. Looks good so far!

And that Joan...what a generous woman! You'll have to let us all know how you like the Niebling book. I need to get at least one...someday. :)

It does look fabulous. I've got one skein of CCM that I'm saving for the perfect project.

Wow! Nice of Joan! So are you going to knit all of Niebling's patterns in that booklet over the winter?

LOL at the teenage squirrel and Bam's story.

Definitely better in the second yarn choice.

Definitely like the second start better.


You're going to have a very pretty shawl there! The second color is better.

I have a neighbor (former farm wife) that would tell you to shoot the squirrel. Pretty serious dislike there!

Happy Wednesday. :)


Perhaps it would like advice from my cat who stayed up in a tree for three days, finally found her way down, and a month later got stuck in another tree for four days?

Ooooh. Can't wait to see you do a Niebling.

Love the color you switched to.

If the withdrawal from Dave's yarn will be too hard on you, I have some in my special drawer but I am afraid no lace there and its the Kaleidoscope colorway too.

Joan is certainly generous, you are so lucky!

Will wait patiently to see your creations from those good looking books :)

your shawl is gorgeous! i have envy!

i also have the same book on the right. i can't wait to try one of the patterns. i adore niebling.

OooooOOOooo! Lookin' good!!! Thanks for letting me pick our poison, by the way - I am loving it!

I'm going to swear mom off of the blog until after I'm done so I can share progress. She knows she's getting one, and the color, so she can deal with not peaking.

Plus it will drive her nuts, which is half of the fun!

Very pretty shawl - what a great colorway!

I think you made a wise choice going with the second start. It's going to look beautiful! I still have some vintage Cabin Cove Dave yarn too.

They are both pretty colorways, and I think you chose wisely sticking with the second. I know I will enjoy watching this knitalong.

With the books, shawl, scarf, and spindling, you could be busy the rest of this week ;)


ooohhh pretty! :o)

There must be a lace thing in the air lately. I was looking at shawl patterns just a few min. ago!

whine. I miss my knit-with-supervision-shawl...it awaits and taunts.


Your lace is always so pretty...


I love the second-choice color and it should make a nice fall accessory.

You okay? Haven't seen you around anywhere...


Gorgeous second choice of colour. I might have to take a looksie at that pattern myself. I need something for when it gets cooler and a scarf I just started is not going well due to crap indian sari yarn with no twist.

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