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Monday, August 03, 2009


You are cool and we are hot. Something's out of whack isn't it?

Love the llama!


I can feel the softness touching the photo on the screen! Lovely.

Excuse me, ma'am? Could I touch your scarf? Just for a minute, maybe?

Want some humidity to go with your cool weather? I've got some, and I don't even want it back!

Yay for Llama! Nice job. :)

That is just a warm brown hug waiting to happen!


I hope that cool air comes this way soon. The llama looks lovely.

I'm enjoying the cooler weather and breezes way down here, too. Love! I can't wait to see the llama scarf. How was the yarn to knit with?

Oooh - can't wait to see how that blocks!

pretty pretty. cool breezes in a normally hot place give me hope.

Ah ha! I knew you'd get the llama scarf done! :)


We are having a stretch of hot weather for a change. We're not quite sure what to do. It's supposed to cool back down by week's end, though.

It appears being ornery has some advantages. Like, finishing a scarf that has given you trouble. And, your scarf is gorgeous, girl! Enjoy the cool!!

llama, llama, duck.....

handspun by you? Was this your project after Joan's lace?

We got your hot weather. You can have it back.

Yes, that is exactly the point. All we have is right NOW.

That is so beautiful!

I always wondered what the point actually was. Too bad I am not enlightened enough to actually learn the lesson. But tomorrow is another day, after all.

Looks like it will be a stunner when it grows up.

Enjoy the weather. It'll change soon enough.

Want my HOT!? It's going to be triple digits all week. All the better to stay inside with Texas.

it's been normal here. normal. which i find strange. anything normal is up to something. o.O

Oh, God, is that the point? Uh oh.

Why don't you nail it to a fence to block it? Saving the step before photographing.

Yes, that is the point, and that is why I'm attempting to eat my weight in peaches this summer - so there will be no regrets when I'm pining for a fresh peach in january!


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