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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here! Here! I love your list. That orange roving is smashing!

I vote for Cookie in charge!

I agree on #1. There's some bad ones out there. Also, though, would be nice to hug over the internet to help the ones that need it. Let's do both!! :)

Orange? You knitting for Norma again??


More orange please! The world needs more orange. I'll lend my support to the bitchslap over the internet campaign.

On #8, there would never be a last one because morons are raising their children to be needy and drama whores, so as one bath dies off or grows out of it, there will be another batch of them coming along.
You know the funny thing about worrying about offending someone, is those are normally my favorite posts!
Love the orange.

Okay...well then...

What about some controls on who can have offsprings, it's quite essential isn't it?

Gotta love the attitude.

And the roving.

I should Google how to braid roving, I've been wondering. But I'm not asking anybody but Google so don't come after me Ms. Crankypants.

Great list. Here's a little tip I got from knitnzu: whenever someone says something really, really stupid to her, she replies, "Yes, isn't it fabulous?"

"Your socks don't match." "Yes, isn't it fabulous?"

"You are losing your hair." "Yes, isn't it fabulous?"

...and so on.

and here i just emailed you with a sentence all in caps.. i was trying to make a point though. only now i'm sitting here afraid of an electrical shock.


love that orange for some reason. it is fabulous.

that roving is stunning :) can we make you in charge a least for a while? I am really liking rule #10.

That roving is GORGEOUS! I love it. :)

Very sunny!

Ahahahah that list is great.

love the list - and the roving!

Hope you still aren't too cranky...

You did not sound cranky at all. I feel your list.

Gorgeous roving. I am far too relaxed to be cranky. :D

Oh orange, orange, orange!!! Absolutely stunning.

I've always been of the opinion that the willfully ignorant and/or dramatic ought to be sterilized and then dyed bright blue as a warning to others (and a signal to each other). Might ruin my love of blue, though. :p Love your list.

I skipped the ten on Tuesday for similar reasons.

Google refuses to let me know how to put you in charge, but I'm still doing extensive research.

I love the overdyeing! I know you were not as pleased as you could have been with the first go, and am glad this worked better.


I think I've just been lurking for a while, maybe not. But had to tell you how much I love your orange and how much I esp love your list today.

One thing I totally can't stand is when a person (ex-friend) gives me her opinion - when I've asked for it.......but it's so phony. As, she's telling me what she THINKS I want to hear. When I ask for an opinion, that's exactly what I want - good, bad or indifferent.

So, I'm saying you aren't really cranky,you're just honest. That's rare. Keep it up, I love it! You're my kind of gal!

Sorry about the caps - I could have used a lot more, tho!

I have other suggestions, but we'll run with yours for now because mine are tougher. Love the orange.

Awesome over-dyeing! Great list too.

List is awesome! Love the overdying.

Hmm. I sort of feel offensive today, so I might have to go do the Tuesday list...

But I love yours. Bang on, as usual!


So true especially the caps lock thingy. I can't stand that and people who write in text talk.

I love the roving! This is the only happy I have today. I, too, have the PMS and I'm even crankier than you today. Trust me on this. I'd add to your list but I'm in such a pissy mood I'm sure I'd offend a lot of people. It's safer for all if I just say, "Gorgeous roving!"

I'm so cranky I could kiss you for being so smart. I'll donate to the prizes and pay extra for the pay per view.

I think I'm going through an orange phase. Love it!

Stupid people should not be allowed to reproduce.

And there does seem to be a lot of orange moving into this pink zone!

But the fad list would have been so fabulous.

If people who don't pass the life skills class can never live alone who will be stuck living with them? This is important only b/c I don't want to be the one who has to care for them. I guess we could put them on the island too, unless you have a better idea of course :)

Love the list love the colors.

And I found a way to handle number 1. Ask a different colleague in the same office to go b* slap the other co-worker that is annoying me. It usually works. :-)

Love the roving!!! Can be on your enforcement team?I think I would really like the job.

I completely agree with everything on that list...I guess that's why we get along so well. ;o)

oooh pretty!!

p.s. I might have to claim blogruptcy...would you hate me if I didn't comment on the 23 unread posts I have from you in my reader and just start over? ;op

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