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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Like minds, I guess.
I love the pooling, but that's just me. I'm weird AND a perv. Woohoo! That's the Crazy Woman, yes? Shame it's not knitting up the way you like it, but what do you expect from a crazy woman?

I'm glad you found your boy. Too bad you found him before I did, though.

I noticed you were a fellow perv and stuck around ;-)

Um. Yeah. Dirty minds? Us? NAhhhhhh! I'm with carrie on the crazy woman. I have a skein of that lying around. Right now I"m trying not to strangle momma with it.

And I came here to see some spinning. Now I'm cranky.

I like the yarn, too, but it's the differences that make life interesting.

At first I thought you said you were cancelling July. Not a bad idea, but we're halfway through!


This is me totally cracking up now that I get the naughty implications. And too think I was partially responsible for that post! *blushes* ;)

Crazy Woman does things her own way.

I'm actually rather disappointed in myself that I missed the perverse in yesterday's photo. I need to go check my temperature or something now.

Yeah. The psc yarn will make a wonderful something else. I pulled navy blue Louet Gems for the yarn, and the suggested pattern is Chalet Socks from Folk Socks. I have yet to wind the yarn.

This is what I get for starting with the newest post...I'm so confused (and twitching every time my inbox dings at me, heh) ;o)

Thanks for the mention!!! :o) Can we cancel July starting tomorrow? AFTER my birthday? lol

I like the pooling too, just another weirdo I guess and I am so glad you found the boy and so close by too!

Ah - the only pooling you want to see are cute TJ check out boys hanging out next to one. ;-)

that yarn is so pretty. it's too bad about the pooling. i look forward to seeing it in its next incarnation.

you didn't know i was a perv? o.O

Happy Birthday and congrats on the good news! I think I like the one on the top all by itself, at least from that angle!

When I get home I'm looking at yesterday's post on the big screen. Must check out the naughty photo. ;D.

A scarf would be a lovely option for the pretty colors.

Gosh, you sound rather happy!

I refrained from commenting yesterday because I was speechless. And then I was struck speechless again when I opened my mail today.


Happy Wednesday!

I sat my mom down with handspun tonight and made her swatch for a cowl.

Aren't I ebil?

And I knit on my socks.

And I haven't spun A THING. NOTHING.

/runs in circles screaming..

Pssst... I frogged May's PSC and I'm half done with June's. TdF is taking up more time than I thought it would. BTW I saw your singles. LUV THEM!!!

The blue sock is OK, but the red, not so much.

You know we could really mess with Jessalu's mind if we all mentioned her on our blogs, then left her comments saying, "Cookie sent me", "Carole sent me", "Diane sent me". Think we could tip her over the edge? She'd probably never be able to sew another straight seam.

::raises hand:: *I* didn't see anything naughty in that picture. In fact, I still don't. I'd like to keep it that way, thanks.

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