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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It is indeed lovely!

I see the whole spinning thing really bit hard while I was away huh?

You'd better get a wheel. You are a very lucky, and well loved, grrl.

I cannot wait to see what your lovely pressies are going to be!!!

What Margene said.

Those are very nice. Very, very nice.

Oh this post made me laugh right out loud - which is good just a few minutes after you wake up.

Hope you enjoy it!

WOW the girl is talented. They are fab.

Gorgeous! But really - you? Knitting slowly? I think not. Perhaps you've just slowed to a normal person's pace.


It's all so lovely and beautiful! It looks like the kind of yarn that seems equally wonderful to knit with, or to admire and pet forever.

Mmmm, that's some WAAAAY Beautiful handspun!

Bams is wonderful! You a princess? NAHHH! I wouldn't believe it.

Any patterns speak to you yet?

Guess that means I'm going to have to spin the stuff for the two shawls huh... my new wheel has to be here soon!

Very very pretty indeed and you may become a queen if things continue in this pace. or does a queen have too many obligations disturbing the knitting for your liking? :)

Princess? Empress!

I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of this beautiful handspun!

What Margene said. And yes Bams is a good friend. Beautiful skeins- enjoy them.

LOL, Bams is good people. And good spinners!

Ask and ye shall receive.
All bow to Princess Cookie.

Yowza! That girl can spin! I can't tell you how jealous I am that that first skein is now living with you and not me. Beautiful!

Wow. That handspun is gorgeous. It'll make some fabulous lace.

OK, I'll tamp down the raw, naked jealousy now.

Wow. I love that stuff, particularly the second one. Go forth and make some lace. And when you figure out how to balance the knitting mojo and the spinning mojo, let me in on the secret. (I'm back to socks this morning.)

If anyone can treat pink handpsun royally it's you--so why not be a handspun shawl princess? That top skein is inspiring.

You know what they say about what goes around comes around? Yeah, your good karma just smacked you in the knitting needles. Pretty yarn!

Holy crap! That yarn is gorgeous! I need to get me some of your brand of online friends. ;-)

I can't wait to see what you make from it!

I just tagged you for a meme. Do you do memes? Anyhow, do it if you want, no pressure.

Love the yarn and am anxiously waiting to see what you'll do with them.

The 1st hank looks like spring flower colors.


At least you will be a Pretty Princess, dressed in only pink handspun!

Bams is Crazy Lovely!! Crazy! Lovely! Wow, I can barely part with stuff I've knit out of acrylic much less handspun. Gorgeous too! It's good to be you.

And now I'm off to become Bam's new best friend. ;)

They are both just gorgeous but the first one really reminds me of a card you sent me once. So very pretty and so very Cookie.

Lovely yarnz! And it's lovely to have gotten to know Bams through you.


Love the Princess thinking and that some lovely handspun you have been gifted. :)

I think I need to become friends with this Bams. Seriously pretty laceweight! What 'cha gonna do with it?

oh how gorgeous! that bams. she just proves that what goes around comes around. in a very good way.

Both are gorgeous!! How lucky you are!!

Princess?! If the shoe fits... ;)

Wow - how nice! Gorgeous yarn!

Wow! Being a princess is good and easy with Bams around! Fantastically lovely yarns.

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