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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Norma's pictures are wonderful but your knitting 'stole' the show!

/pun intended... :)

It really is a good color on her BTW.


That stole looks fabulous on her! I still can't believe how fast you plowed through that sucker. It was quite amazing from my point of view. You can kiss those days goodbye now that you're spinning. :)

you kill me. so cranky, so endearing, so good. I won't tell anyone...

You did a beautiful job. Doesn't she look good in orange? Sure wish I did;-P

Lovely photos, beautiful stole but the friendship is the best part :)

Gorgeous! Everyone needs a bit of orange.I still adore mine.

Beautiful! I'm halfway through mine (in bright bright blue), in no small part seeing you start yours got me to pick mine up again. It's been on the needles since June 2008. My big complaint is just that I can't memorize the repeats.

Sorta like childbirth. You forget the pain, which is the only reason anyone ever has a second child... or knits more lace.

It's beautiful!!


What about the lace thingy that you were knitting?

I carry yarn and needles around... does that count? Because I seriously haven't knit a stitch in about a month.

verra verra nice.

You're just amazing - your knitting and spinning are just wonderful - and your generosity tops it all off.

I forgot you knit that for her until I saw her post. It makes a really bold statement with that black dress. Very lovely work.

Lovely lace, Cookie, and Norma models it so well. I love the people connections in the story of this yarn and stole.

That handspun for Joan? Simply Incredible.

It was Semenovskaya priazha's (a subsidiary of the Moscow Wool Spinning Company) Lidia yarn. 100% wool. Just FYI in case the curmudgeon in you needed to file it away in the cave somewhere. When I went hunting for cobweb weight yarn I was really disappointed in the lack of "real" Orenburg wool for sale. They had some in the stores, but it was a craptastic aran weight--scratchy as hell and filled with all kinds of vegetable matter. So, I went with the Lidia. I'm glad I did. Thank you for making something stunning out of it!

wow. she looks gorgeous in that gorgeous shawl! aren't i brilliant with the adjectives? gimme a break. i've been up since 5:30am! ;-P

Great looking work there Cookie. And your Joan's new yarn is pretty fab too.

That stole is fab, just like you. The word is out. I can tell. XO

Yes, Norma does look stunning in it!

It came out so nice, and looks wonderful on Norma! And, hey, I like the orange!

You are a marvel. I have some yarn to send you...

Norma's stole made me want to go find my copy of the book. I haven't yet, but I will.

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