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Monday, July 27, 2009


It was the most fun I've had on Ravelry yet. I was thinking of challenging myself to spin for a certain number of minutes every day for another three weeks or month or something.

Can't wait for next year!

I had hoped to spun 40 oz and I spun 32. That doesn't make me too much of a failure. Right?

ya know, when you add in George, you spun over three miles of singles. o.0 Again I bow to your awesome spindliness, and also your stubborn streak.

See? That's the kind of montage I wanted you to post on the Tour de Fleece! Cuz it showcases your beautiful yarny gift to Joan so well. Pat yourself on the back my dear- you earned it big time. Awesome job! I'll shut up now.

What a wonderful re-cap. And you forgot C-R-A-Z-Y when you were describing the group.

Thank you for starting Team Crankypants! It was a blast!

That yarn you spun was awesome! You rock.

Cookie, I saw your handspun yarn over at Joan's earlier, seriously, I bow to your most awesome spindling skills. That yarn is beyond beautiful!

It was great fun. Can you imagine, some of those teams really spent all their time talking about spinning. How borinnnng.

Now that TdF is over I e-mailed the Goldings and got a response right away. Tom said to send my wonky spindle back and he'd see if he could repair it. Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for Team CrankyPants! I had so much fun. I feel like an overly-emotional freak when I think of how moved I was by it all.


Amazing, Cookie! You're going to have to open an Etsy shop after you get that wheel, or you'll be awash in yarn before you know it!


Damn, that's a lot of spinning. mmm wool & silk.

Whoo hoo! That *is* a lot of spinning. Freaking impressive. Even if I knew you were up to the challenge.

George is my favorite pet. Love the yarn, the pictures and you.

That's one gorgeous skein of yarn.

You did way better than I, m'dear. Congrats on reaching your goal!

btw, I have like 50 unread pages over in that discussion group on ravelry...uhmyikes?

i love joan's pictures of your gorgeous yarn. such delicious stuff.

i had a fabulous time! aren't you glad we did this? :)

can't wait for next year, although my knees are probably glad this really is only a once a year thing.

You totally rocked the TdF!! Thanks so much for Team CrankyPants! It was way fun. :)

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