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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's gonna be a pretty scarf....Is it brownie colored or have I been baking too many chocolate things lately? o.O

Maybe you'd like some chocolate for you hormones??

Can't wait to see the KoolAid yarn.


What about the edge stitches? Does the cast on take those into account? Maybe that's why I frogged the fucker a few times. I have notes on it somewhere.

Will Joan be receiving the yarn soon?

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

I love that color even if it's not pink.

Are you counting the garter edging with the cast on number? Maybe that's what's weird about the number.

...Oh, it looks like Stacey already mentioned that.

That would make me want to kill someone.
Pretty color, though. Makes me want hot chocolate. And weather that's cool enough that drinking hot chocolate wouldn't make me burst into flames. I think I need to move to Alaska. As soon as that woman goes away.

I keep telling Carrie to pack up and move here.
Brown? Who are you and what have you done with Aunt Cookie?

Oooooooooo it's so pretty. Damn stitch counts anyway! What are they but a guideline? Who needs 'em?

You don't sleep at all do you?

Tell Carrie be careful what she wishes for. She might "go away" to the f-ing White House. Frack.

Loooooooove the mocha scarf, even IF the stitch count is effed up.

How is that possible? Over 14 stitches. Its pretty.

Where's the pink?

I'd mention something about the edge stitches, but that's already been done, and you might hit me.

show me your spinning!

Hormones suck. Period.

Turn me into a nasty biatch. Which is no good.

I have no desire to spin. I only want to knit. What is wrong with me, Cookie?? Have I lost what little mind I had??

Is that not pink, or is my monitor acting up?

Its going to be pretty, regardless of non-pinkness!

It's beautiful. I love the color. Pink and brown go together beautifully Oh, and the hell with hormones.

I can't wait to see it all done, it's an awesome looking pattern!

If that woman in Alaska moves into the White House, becoming Canadian is suddenly appealing.

And maybe the scarf is part of that "new" math?

That is a nice chunk of laceknitting in addition to all the spindling action.

We need pictures of the new spindling.


Ohh, that is so my color! V. Nice!!! I thought Carrie was supposed to move to Wisconsin, but I guess Joan and I could work out a custody arrangement.


That's so pretty! sorry for the hormones, I've learned over the past several years how very important they are (and how they can really screw you up!)


I guess there is no need to send bail money.

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