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Monday, July 20, 2009


"And I cast on for something lace last night."

What is this strange tongue you speak??? Cast on???? You gotta be kidding... before the 26th????

Are you done plying????

Trust me to go AWOL just when there's a contest afoot. Congrats on your win!

How long did it take you to spin all that stuff?

The time between your projects just lets the rest of us catch up a little, you speed demon you!


The week just started you've already hit a highpoint? I am afraid!

Is Monday over yet?

Reminds me of some sort of quote I can't get staight in my mind about a woman, a gun and an estrogen prescription needing to be filled.... stay inside with the air on! Not only is our weather way too hot, but the air reallllly sucks! I am envious enough of you winning to feel cranky myself.

Sorry about the headache! I think Squishy has someone you could murder, if you really feel the need.

Cranky and you still posted on my blog?

Dude, I'm feeling the love even more!

Whew. I'm glad you cast on - we've all been holding our breath waiting. You SAY you don't like knitting, but we don't actually believe you.

I saw that you were a winner at Jessalu's and thought you certainly deserve it!

I'll light a candle or somethin' for ya so the headache goes bu-bye...

Hopefully the winning and the lace cancel out the headache, and the cranky... xoxo

Hormonal headaches suck. As if the other kinds don't. Gah.

All I know is that my headache from the last couple of weeks is now on someone else's desk. Let the rejoicing begin!

How long between projects has it been? Twenty minutes?

Well I thought my car was yellow fuzz colored when I finally ventured out today, so no wonder you have a headache. I like to take handfuls of advil myself. Wine helps too.

Cast on for something lacy...oh! I wonder what it is? I live lacily vicariously thru you.

I won a JessaLu bag, too. That should definitely ease the cranky.

You are knitting lace and I'm knitting socks and we both have headaches. What does it all mean?


Knitting?? What is knitting??

*gentle hugs*

Hormones, pollen and heat are definitely a very bad combination. Hoping the urge to ply your little heart out provides you with a good enough distraction from The Headache. Lace you say? Can't wait to see what it is. Feel better soon!

Me too - DH is nervous. Doesn't stop him from being supremely annoying though - in fact, I'm pretty sure he goes through a monthly obnoxious cycle and I am the perfectly rational one.

This hot is giving me a major crank myself! It's too hot to be fussing about, not to mention move! Ugh. When is fall again?

Congrats on the win! Take it easy with the plying. You might need those arms to knit the lace. I hope the headache is gone already.


i'm so sorry about the headache. i hope the jessalu bag makes up for it. :)

Understood. Winning Jessalu's contest had to help. What cool prizes!

Hey. I resemble that title.

Well who knew I would be wishing you hormones? What a bummer that they're bothering you, but how fun that you won somethin!

Lookin' forward to seeing the next knitting project.

It's cooler and cloudy here. Although the humidity kind of sucked a little when I went outside. I think once these lines of storms come through it will be wonderful again. You could visit. I have great air conditioning and weapons. Oh... and your future wheel.


I'm sorry about the cranks, it totally sucks.

Ooo, lace. That means soon we'll see more lovelys on your blog.

I'm feeling out of sorts these days, too. Must be something in the air.

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