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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm sad for you that you had to restart the scarf. Bummer. But be proud of all that spinning!

Wow, I can't believe you spun a POUND of roving! I'm still struggling with my 4 little ounces. You amaze me.

Now stop and ask yourself if most of the people on Team Crankypants usually just say stuff to be nice.

I'm spinning with a wheel and i bet I didn't even finish a pound yet myself.

Yay you get to knit the first three inches of that scarf again! It must have been really fun if you're doing it twice!

Kindred scarf spirits. I'm quite accustomed to ripping my scarves at least twice. I wish you well on the challenge and Happy Thursday to you!

Oh, that must be how you knit so fast, you're not used to having to rip things out! I thought that was part of the process.

And, please, people who hang out with you being *kind*?? Really, I'll be able to get off the floor in a minute, once I reattach my ass.

You were still shell shocked from the spinning. That's your excuse... USE IT! :D You did do a wonderful job and Joan will love it.

First off, SS about your scarf. I didn't even notice it, did you really have to rip it out??? Couldn't you have left it as is? Was it curling??? Either way, I have faith in you, I'm sure you will get it done in plenty of time.
"But I did and my brother and sister spinners tell me it looks good"
I don't think anyone told you it looked just good.
It is truly FABULOUS and looks totally GORGEOUS! You are too hard on yourself. Accept the fact hun.... you now have to add Spindle Queen to your long list of talents. Right next to Lord of Lace, and Madam Superior of Socks!


That's an achievement. I'll join your dumbassery club.

An ounce a day? Truly, I am not worthy. It takes me **hours* to spin about .4 oz. On a wheel.

P.S. And I can't see the comments. Is it just me?

I for one, am very proud of your accomplishments!

Go have a drink and relax now.


As I've said, you're a natural spinner. They yarn is breathtaking and will be well received.

I had the same thing happen with a Knitpicks pattern: the pattern instructions mentioned a garter edging, but the row-by-row instructions didn't, at all. Grrr.

You're amazing to have spun so much on your spindle! Bravo!! Yellow shirt for you!

Oh please. Since when have we ever said anything nice that wasn't totally warranted? In fact, I think if all the Crankypantsers were honest, we'd tell you it was difficult to be nice, because we're not used to it, but the yarn was so lovely we had no choice.
Sheesh, woman. Stop hanging out with your mother so you can remember you rock.

I really shouldn't say this now after you have already started over but could you have picked up stitches along the edges and done the garter after you were done with the scarf?

/sorry to have mentioned it....


Bummer about the scarf. It can't make you a dumbass, I do that all the time and I'm certainly not - ! Well, never mind.

Yay for stepping up, taking on and whipping the spinning challenge!!! I knew you could do it.

That is so not dumbass compared to most of the things I've done wrong today. Sigh.

A pound. Of roving. Holy crap.


I don't understand spinning, but I do understand that dumbass feeling. My condolences. But it's all going to be fine. That's what I keep telling myself!

You spindled a pound of fiber? Wow. That's awesome! Sorry you had to start your knitting over. I hate when that happens. :(

Beat that pattern into submission! Show it no mercy!

Oh wait, I guess that's your other life. ;D

Ack! Sorry you are not quite feeling the love for the restarted lace.

It really is wonderful spindling. It is amazing in both quantity and quality.


oh noes! you had to rip out the scarf? how sad. :(

/Snort. We Crankypants Spinners speak only the truth. Jeez. Ye of so little faith. Just accept the fact that you have taken to spinning like a pig takes to....mud. And you product gorgeous yarn. OK?! ;^)

Oh Cookie. Your spinning is spectacular. Truly.

I'm sorry for the scarf reknitting.

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