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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Happy Saturday back!

Love your pink box of spun lovelies! Awesome job. Yes you may take a bow. It's well deserved!

Hmmm... is there a prize tucked into 2 of them?

Naps are good!!!

Holy schneekies! That's an amazing lot of spindling. You are an amazing spinner. And for some reason (on my screen at least) the right edge of your irritable panda bears is missing.

Holy crap! I am jut amazed at how much spindling you can do. I'm starting to feel like you made some kind of deal with Rumpelstiltskin or somethin'.

As soon as I read "Today I'm plying it" I was like 'What All of it?????"

If you want the laceweight, you can honestly have it. It has at least one join in it though. Full disclosure and all.

I haven't spun since Thursday despite having friends over last night to spin. I'm a Team Crankypants failure.

When I saw the photo, I was hoping that maybe your poor avocado tree was making a comeback.
I guess not.

"He's living on borrowed time and should be grateful he's still alive."

I'm going to tell my husband that. :)

Did you spin all that? ::channeling Yoda:: Wonder Woman you are!

"Can't guacamole! Spinning?" Ummm... "Obsessive and Controlling! Can't talk"

Yeah. He's living on borrowed time... good line. :D At least when you're all crazy and looking for ideas of things to blog, you're funny and entertaining.

Just sayin'

He may be on borrowed time, but his leaves are healthy. You are an inspiring spindle spinner. Srsly, girl. Happy Saturday to you!

OOOOOooOOO.... A lotta spinnin' goin' on. Happy Plying ... er Saturday to you! :)

You are too good to me.

Did the roving have an end?

I think I need to make a bigger chart, that's a lot of yarnz.


sometimes i think titles are the hardest part of blogging.

the singles looks so neat and tidy in their little box. i have spindle spinning envy.

"Can't spin. Thwacking." ?

I totally spaced the other day and forgot to include a title. However, I did not have so lovely an excuse as a box of millions of tp tubes of singles awaiting plying.

I cannot help but be impressed by you.

Your spindling is amazing. That is just the best word for it. I am excited to continue watching the journey of this yarn.


Ya know, you could ply much faster on a wheel. Just sayin'. And I'm not runnin' this time!

Holy moly, that's a lot of singles!

That is a lot of yarn! Hope you had a nap - and that you are having a good weekend!

Holy god, woman. You need a wheel. You're born to spin.


Nora's "born to spin" has a ring to it! :D Marvelous production, our Cookie!

I cannot send enough love along for an avocado plant with some sky as a bonus. You started that from seed? Or was it your grandmother? Geez, I should take some ginkgo biloba or something. Cripes.
Mine CROAKED. Dead. Gone. I am starting another though, because I am a glutton like that.

You did all that with a spindle?!? oh my god,
I am truly impressssed!!

Just name them 1,2,3,,,, then we will all follow and the burden of the headers will be gone forever, thank you very much :)

12 Little TP rolls all in a row.

Gorgeous! ;-)

I can't even fathom having done all that spinning on a spindle. WOw!1!

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