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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Lovely socks and I will have to check that program so it is good of you to make sure there will be no spoilers around here :)

Harper's Island?
They're JUST NOW getting around to announcing missing children? Oh. Em. Gee. If I were those parents I would be roasting some authorities on a spit right now. (Though it does make sense to interrupt cable too - does anyone watch local channels anymore?)

oh and also, GREAT socks. Why are they socks of doom?

Those are rather pretty socks for being doom-bringers. :D Happy Cranky Sunday.

Yeah. Um. Harpers Island. I need to get it on DVD because I kept missing episodes. I did catch some of the finale and I was like WHAT!?!?

Off to make beer butt chicken since Texas is adding some safety features to the deck since he tried to kill Katie this morning. Yes, she survived an (at least) eight foot drop. If it's not one of us, it's the animals.

I watched the finale of Harper's Island with TiVo delay (read:commercials, be gone!) and it made me cranky. Um, hello? Screw loose much? It made me cranky.

And just out of curiosity, does the EAS break in for dangerous children or missing weather? Because, really, they should.

Great socks - they look so comfy. Glad they are out of the way!

Love the socks, sorry about the TV woes...

Really do love the socks.


I hate those ridiculous interruptions. I've never watched Harper's Island, though. Love the socks.

Lovely footies. Don't tell me the yarn is ick! I have several skeins in my stash.

Harper's Island was very good, but I think I was just a teenie-tiny bit disappointed that the revealed the killer so early. I like it better when they keep you wondering/guessing/deciding until the very last minute.

I watched the end of Harper's Island online, Sunday Morning. OMG! What a wild show!!

What didn't you like about the yarn? The socks are cute. I watched the end of Harper's Island sometime Saturday afternoon. Can't say the last episode was all that great, but otherwise enjoyed the diversion.

I must investigate this Harper's Island of which you write. I'm watching Lost on dvd. A dingbat at the party I attended yesterday said something that she "thought" was not giving anything away, but was a total spoiler. I almost threw my red slushie at her. I acted with restraint, though, and simply walked away.

They are cute little sockies. Those interruptions can be infuriating when they do not meet both the timely and relevant criteria.

I'm going to draw for psc today. If I cannot feel the love, I'm going back to the fiber.


I can't spoil it for you, I never did watch that one, but that's what the missing child emergency notice was! USA went to a red screen saying it was a Child Abduction Emergency and to tune to Channel 55 which was airing Book TV. Lovely.

Pretty sockies. But they don't look like spun roving now do they? Hmmm? Tick! Tock!! Tick! Tock!! [ducking and runnning. Running quickly]

I hope you're resting today, the Alp mountains of spinning are still to come!

Ahhhhh, Harper's Island. makes me glad I moved back to Boston from Seattle. Pretty. But nuts.

great socks and -fantastic- sock blockers. don't tell me you've had those forever and i've only -just- noticed them.

I hate Wildfoote. That's all I have to say. Yay, aren't you glad I'm back? :P

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