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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Oooo, pretty! *pet,pet,pet*

Wow, it's all so beautiful! I especially like the pink and blue one.

Very cool! It looks like cotton candy.


Soak, dissolve, pour, place in sun, wander aimlessly? I think even I could do that. (Whether I actually do is another story.) Your results are lovely.

You are entirely correct. Not only would I be disappointed if there was no pink, but also I might think I was not on the page I thought I clicked on.


That first picture looks so much like cotton candy! I know someone already beat me to the punch and mentioned this, but it's so true- I think I may be getting hungry now...

Wow. Lovely pretties! Very cool.

At least the heat was useful for something.

I'd completely forgotten about the solar dyeing! Black Cherry & Pink Lemonade...pretty. Have you spun it up yet?

Very pretty - love the black cherry and lemonade. Can't wait to see in spin up!

oooh. you are evil. now i can't wait to start dyeing. nor can i wait to get ahold of that black cherry color! thanks so much for the detailed instructions! woohoo!

I'm waiting to find out if there's anything you can't do.

Pretty! I can't wait to see it spun up!

Nora took the words out of my mouth!

::: looks at clock ::: still Wednesday. /sigh Isn't it EVER going to be Friday?!?!?

Very pretty and HELLO!?!!? We'd think you'd lost your mind if there wasn't pink in there. I mean, REALLY!

That first picture looks like a bowl of cotton candy! I'm guessing it kind of smells like it too since you used KoolAid :-)

I'd like to try my hand at some solar dyeing, but I don't think we'll ever have 2 days in a row without rain!

Your roving turned out just beautifully!

I'm out of luck on solar-dyeing. Do you think rain-dyeing would work?
Pretty pinks - tell me you're spinning them right now!

The world could be improved with more pink....

Pretty pretty. I luvs pink too. :)

You are going to have to get the knitting mojo back so you can knit it into something. Right?


I'm sneaking up on learning to dye; picking up an article here and there, just bought a book at Interweave's hurt book sale, etc. This looks like a good way to start. No poisons (except Kool Aid), no mess in the kitchen. I think I'll add Kool Aid to the grocery list.

Ooh, you will probably spin up some very lovely and soft-colored yarns from these! I have trouble keeping those white areas open... nice control there. I better start keeping an eye out for Kool Aid on sale.

"You'd be disappointed if there wasn't any pink."

Disappointed... no
Shocked... YES

Love them all!

It looks great!

I'll take this kind of blame any day.


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