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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dang, my mind is in the gutter, that's a lil bush tween 2 trunks, heee. Sorry, had to. I think most men feel that way towards all women, in my experience anyways. Shauvinist bastards. Lost a subbie, huh? Tisk, tisk. Shoulda had him tied tighter? Sorry, I'm on a roll. Pms is here. O.0

Oh my. I almost wet my pants with this one. Did you MEAN to be funny? Send that young man my way please.

P.S. what's with the rain, and now the crapass heat? That's why it's called Sucktown, I guess.

Old white men tend to be insecure. I think that happens when they begin to have trouble, er, bringing things up. So it is very, very easy to make them nervous. I have done it myself a number of times, but their nervousness always seems to come out in the form of ignoring me. Good for Sotomayor!

What is the average height of a chestnut-brown hair?

Sorry, couldn't resist. Ahem. Can I please skip the whole cool-kid thing? I could never get it... but after all these years of practice I have geek nearly perfect.

I'm so glad Angie said it first. I was going to ask if you'd gotten a new waxer and ran out of lotion.
Yes, folks, it's all my fault.
Darlin', old white men in this country get antsy if ANYONE gets uppity. (Didja ever see A Bug's Life? When the grasshopper goes on a rant about how if the ants ever figure out there are more ants than grasshoppers, the balance of power would change? Yea, verily, Pixar is my favorite social commentary.) I can't wait to see what happens when they start paying attention to the new Surgeon General.
I am mostly bored with the Next Big Thing. I knit what I like.

If you didn't know there was a group referred to as "The Cool Kids" what does that mean?

Go Team Crankypants!

I usually try to avoid the next big thing! And why was it okay for Alito to be empathetic but not Sotomayor? THAT makes me cranky!

I second Carole's comment. What a bunch of dopes.

If you turn your tree picture around the other day it looks like a butthole. And the people I work with love it when I turn my monitor upside down. Better than turning myself upside down, right?

Everyone knows that old white men are by definition the norm. Clearly a Latina woman is outside the pale. So to speak. heh heh heh. Honestly, the whole process makes my teeth ache.

And yeah right. Like I'd return him.

Well, I might have seen a bed, some rope, a set of jumper cables and a saddle, but I didn't see no sub boy. ::: angel face ::::

Yes, it is only Tuesday. Thank GOD! :D

well if THAT wasn't a Classic Cookie post, I don't know what would be. Ok maybe one with a pink lace swallowtail included. Made me smile. So did the comments!

Those old white guys can go... well, you know. What are they so afraid of??

You know, that's a thought I never had - trying to prepare for trends so I can be on top of them. Maybe that's why I've never been any good at being trendy.


I think that's an amazing photo, just ignore all those girls that see things,,, :)

I also think white cranky men of any age should be overruled! So, Go Cookie Go! we are behind you.

And about that boy, what can I say, such a treasure just shouldn't be left alone me think.

I know where to find a subbie girl, but not a boy. Do you interchange?

I love how they're assuming that no one currently on the SCOTUS has bias based on their race, gender, or experience. Assholes.

And why is it Tuesday???

Are you kidding? Love you lots, but if I find him, I ain't returning him. Got my own broken bed...
Anyway, yes, picture is awesome. The detail/texture thing is so hard to do. Lovely. But you know what I noticed and so appreciated???? How your words aren't breaking weird at the end of each line. I don't know if you fixed something, or you're being crazy meticulous with spacing manually, but I sure do like it.
Carry on.

I don't recall any old white men being asked if their identities (as old white men) will distort their decisions. But I'm OK with that because old white men have done a bang-up job of making decisions for all of us so far.


I like the bark!

Picasa is awesome, but I've never tried to make a mosaic with it! have to give it a go.

All the cool kids ARE spinning! In fact, I'm going to get started on that myself!

And you just left that described deliciousness there?! O.o

Poor dear, time to take her/their own road. Nice restraint exercise, Cookie.

If you don't blink and miss it, you'll find quite a bit of Zen in this post.

Sigh. Just how did you misplace the Cabana boy this time? Hmmm?

Proud to be a nerd and never ever was I cool. (ew) My philosophy: F'em if they can't take a joke! And oh-my-God-I-cannot-believe how stupid old white men can be!
and how much smarter most of their constituents are!
Every day Judge S is looking better and better!

What makes you think we'll return him if we find him? I certainly wouldn't.

I am, however, still laughing at the idea of an innocent Cookie taking over the world with a toilet brush in hand.

your picture has me laughing and blushing all at the same time. i'm glad i'm not the only one who has their mind in the gutter. the first commenter is right there with me. naughty!

So I open your post and see a picture of some tree bark and moss and think "Gee that's an unusual picture for Cookie to post." THEN I get to the comments and realize I did it again: read your blog before that first cup of coffee. NOW I get it.

I'll never look at a tree the same way again.

The old white men know Justice S. is going to be appointed and there is nothing they can do to stop it so it's just killing them. I think it's a fine payback for all the years of patronizing crap we've put up with. I hope there are more such situations.

Old Sonia's freaking them all out for sure. Suffice to say, she avoided the "meldtdown" yesterday, lol.

I saw that same thread on the Rav and was astounded. Seriously? Like I'm telling that anything orange is going to be the rage this fall?

I listened to some senator questioning Justice S., and I wanted to slap him. She answered his questions with clarity, and he kept pretending he didn't understand. She kept her cool, although I was yelling at the car radio! Guess that's why I'm just some schlump in the country and she's going to be on our Supreme Court!

My gosh you are full of piss and vinegar today, dearheart! I love it!!!!!!!!!1

The other comments are so much better than anything I had in mind, I think. I think, because it has flown from my feeble brain.


Ooh, thanks for the link to Picasa. Maybe sometime I'll bother playing around with it.

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