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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Where's the seltzer?

I keep telling you, if you'd get a wheel you can spin much faster.
As for the title of this post - I love it!

Where's the seltzer?

Where's the seltzer?

You promised seltzer!!

Three hours that resulted in a very cool collage!

you fell down yesterday? Did you bruise your knees or get road rash? Hope you didn't break the spindle... or the subbie boy


The skein is lovely. You worry too much. You are doing a wonderful job. And, you're going to be 40? I would love to be 40 again. I think I missed it first time around.

40 is the best!
Take it from a woman with many -0's behind her already :)

Your yarn creation looks very nice both in your photo and Joan's

Happy Thursday to you too!

Ah, 40. What a long ago memory. The boys were teenagers. I was busier than a cat covering....oh well. We won't go there! :)


One of my favorite expressions. Ever!

That is an awesome post title.

And that fiber looks suspiciously like the giant honkin' bag of Ashland Bay fiber I bought at Stitches (enough for a sweater). Could it be the same fiber? If so - awesome - now I know what it'll look like (but I'd have to use a wheel as I completely suck with the spindle).

The little skein is not a weirdo.

And are you hanging around with my husband? He sings your post title nearly every day.


40? Pffft.

Pretty skein.

40 is marvelous! Beautiful spinning, Cookie.

Totally cracking up at Stacey's comment above! Sorry.

40 soon? You iz a spring chicken Cookie.

And the weirdo skein is lovely. Has Joan named it George yet? Or keep it as a petting skein?

It's really hot here today. A little seltzer down my pants would probably be a good thing.

40 is the new 20. No worries.


You may be cranky, but you are a very sweet cranky.

No seltzer today. I'm a little tender. Ask AnnaMarie. On second thought, DON'T. hahahaha

I am so afraid of Norma. My car said 115 when we left the last doctor for the afternoon, so bring on the seltzer, iffin you please.
That is not a weirdo skein, it's adorable. I lurves it.
And does Rachel's comment mean she is into the hundreds now?

Glad there is no seltzer...

Very pretty yarn - and 40 is nothing!

Ooh.. your spinning is lovely, consistent, even... any way to get extra points for quality over speed? I don't understand competition anyway, so am not someone to consult.

That didn't look 'weirdo' to me at all. :)

Oops...forgot to say that I LOVE YOUR SUBJECT LINE!!!!! ;-)

Does Chuckles the Clown know you stole his line? Surely you're too young for MTM so you must be watching reruns while you spin.

It is a lovely little skein, and I think your collage is wonderful.

I managed to spin three grams yesterday before the wheel injury incident. The new part will be here soon. I had to wait until today before I could get back to the fiber.

Your yarn looks wonderful!

I am shocked, however, at how much the shaft on your Golding sticks out. Errrm. But really. I mean, I have one of them, and it only sticks out a little. Ffft. Spindles!! I mean, it's actually like only a cm or so above the whorl, and yours looks like it's just about half-way down. Most interesting, and rather peculiar.

WTF! It's your bday???? And only 40 - jees.

Happy Birthday (unless I'm totally wrong about the day - then happy Friday...)

Okay, Princess Cranky, where did that roving come from? It's gorgeous! As is the yarn you're making. Oh, and while your use of a camera may suck at times, you don't... so stop it! If it makes you feel better, I still think you're a grouch. :-)

you worry too much about this **self-imposed** deadline! go with the flow and uhm... flow!

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