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Thursday, July 30, 2009


You're too funny, love number 24.

All y'all! WOOOT! I'll convert you yet. :D All your answers were funny. I'm sending Texas here when I talk to him tonight.

Your ice cream would be safe with me. Hate cherry. I think it's from being sick as a kid all the time and everything was cherry flavored.

Spain! I've been daydreaming about visiting Spain lately.

I want to have pizza with you!

I thought cat people were only in the movies. I'm glad you're just a person person.

Ooh, I've always wanted to go to Spain too! But if we go together and have pizza one night, I get to decide what's on my half.

Spain - a lovely choice for anything!

#46?? What happened to .... PINK???

I'm with Nora. I thought pink too...since you do tend to use pink quite frequently. ;)


#26 makes me haz sad.
I will go to Spain with you. You have all the boys, I get all the sangria.

I LOVE your offbeat answers. Especially 26. Well, and a few more, too.

You are funny, but we already knew that. And I'll share a pizza with you any day! :^)

Let's go eat ice cream together and discuss our pet peeves!

We have several in common up there headache included- no I don't want to talk about it either :-) I'm loving some of the vague answers-lol.

You are the best at answering these.

Hey! I just remembered something. Is someone sending you a prize for making it to 15k? Do you need me to send you a prize?


Spain? Pick me! Pick me!
Maybe we need a knitter's trip to Spain.

with all the conversations we've had about french presses, i only now find out you don't drink coffee?? egads i must be dense.

i would love to send you a prize for getting over 15k comments as well. or not. maybe it'll be surprize. harharhar.

Love the pizza choice...and the ice cream!

I totally agree with you about the eggs with runny yolks and the liver.ick!

"Glass of water"? Hasn't anyone every extolled the benefits of a healthy breakfast?? :D

Interesting meme answers, Cookie. What's wrong with runny eggs? :D

Oh, honey, wierdos are my favorite people - normal people are boring! Doctor Who and Torchwood are at the top of my list, too. Last week, I bought myself a primo geek t-shirt from thinkgeek.com: it has a picture of the TARDIS on it and underneath it says, "You never forget your first Doctor." Mine was Eccleston.

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