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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm #1! I'm #1!

Oh wait.

I'm #14956! I'm #14956!

Thanks for info about the shop; it's a good idea for a little gift for a spinner I know.

That fiber is gorgeous! And I can't believe it's already been a year. Much love on that.

You know it's even better in photo than it was in verbal explanation. Gee thanks for pointing me to yet another place for me to spend my fiber moneez!

Such a great idea. Wish I'd thought of it. ;)

Hugs on the kitty thing. Maybe that's why I had that crazy nightmare? I mean, if you can dream of my bunny....

Purdies. Sounds like an excellent Etsy vendor. How lovely. And, you get 45 comments a day? Holy cow! I'm so impressed!

wow 1500 comments :) thats a neat little giftie idea

My sister just gave me a small bit of a bamboo blend to play around with as well. So far I've just been squishing it...

You are a semi-new spindler? When can I come for a lesson or 6?

Wow, 15,000 comments - you've gotta be doing something right ;-)

Awesome! I don't think I've even had 5000 comments on my blog lol

Don't you love it when customer service is excellent?? It's such a break from the normal crap people expect us to swallow!

PS - It feels good to block people, doesn't it?

Congrats on the comments. I just love to block idjets.

How pretty! So... when are you trying the silk hankies?

/runs and hopes I don't get blocked for being an idiot.

Very nice kit indeed, good thing I don't spindle or make my own yarn in any other way or I would have been tempted (her sunshine yarn is temptation enough, economy etc...)

Good thing there are good sides for anything in life, almost! Hugs.

y - that's a lot of comments! and if you counted spam and nutters, imagine how many you'd have ;) Seems like not too long ago you were celebrating 14K ... time goes pretty dang quick!

And I can't quite believe it has beena yer since your kitty passed away ... we lost our old lady kitty at Christmas, and our old girl dog 3 weeks later (and I was shocked when writing this to realize it has already been 8 months already. even though they are missed, there are upsides as you pointed out (way less kitty puke around here than there used to be!)

Hugs to you on your kitty anniversary. When we put Applesauce down (about 5 years ago) it was sad but tempered with knowing that now the cat hair would eventually go away too. ;)


You deserve to treat yourself on a sad anniversary. Hurrah for having talkative friends. ;-)

Hugs to you on the year. And holy cow, thatsalotta comments!

The mutts are all getting an extra hug today in honor of your kitty anniversary. I'd give you a hug, too, if we were together!


Yum, loving that fiber. I wish more vendors on Etsy did that. I didn't realize you lost your kitty so recently. Want me to send you some cat hair to spin with that cashmere?

Oh I love the idea of that kit over at Etsy... unfortunately, they seem to be sold out :(

Don't you know it isn't nice to take the last one???? ;)

Talk to you in a few days Hopefully... unless I die, then my DH is instructed to send you my stash. (Seriously)

Lovely fibery stuff. I must get a wheel, hate it and then send it to you.
I read in our local paper today that our county animal shelters have earned the no kill designation (and a $5 million grant)for going an entire year without putting down a healthy animal, it seems fitting news and your angel PC must have had something to do with it.

Sorry about old cat. She had it good, she did.
Lovely fiber! Should be fun to try it on that practice wheel, too...

I am so in awe that you tried spinning and did it so amazingly well with a drop spindle.

Must. Resist. Urge.

Thanks for the link, congratulations on the 15,000 posts (or so)and big hugs for being without your kitty.

Love the kit you got. It's perfect for trying out new fibers! Love the purple too. Hoping the sad isn't too bad today. Hugs to you. Retail therapy is a good thing.

Congratulations on hitting 15,000 - and more hugs to you.

I'm sure I'm too late. yes, for sure. But you never know - coulda been somekind of deleted dummy before me (apologies to the exceptions above).

Gorgeous fiber - I am not going to click on that link!

Congrats on 15K!

Love your bumps baby...

Congratulatioooons! Popular girl!

Well, damn. There are way more than 4 comments before me, so I am not the special one that gets the gold Cadillac and the week vacation in Hawaii. Crap.

Lovely fiber and such a nice vendor! Sorry about the sad anny but how did that year go so quickly?! Woot on the 15K!!

Yay for the 15k and fabulous little fiber samples. That is a neat way to get to know different types.

I cannot think of the right words for it being a year, so I send hugs instead.


That is a year which has flown past. It really doesn't seem that long at all. Make sure you celebrate her life rather than dwell on it being a year.

Lovely colours in your grab bag. I'm off to have a look at her Etsy shop now.

So pretty! What a fun treat - can't wait to see what it becomes.


How crazy do you have to be not to count? Just asking.... No reason.

Good thing it didn't include the crazy people that are NOT banned. Yet. ;)

Sorry about the kitty anniversary. It's a little unfathomable, isn't it? I still can't shut a door.

Kissing a bunch of people to see what works - sounds like a plan to me.

now that i've seen the goods it makes me want to buy some goodies from her even more. blaaargh! must think flyer! must think FLYER!

yay for 15K!!

has it bee 1 year? i'm sorry. *hugs*

then that also means we've known each other over a year. that's kinda scary.

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