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Monday, June 01, 2009


Wonderful story for the scarf - and I'm still chuckling over Nancy Bush & the Estonians. Definitely a good name for a band.

Love the lace. Love the color.

Love the plant in the top picture too BTW. Coleus? It's hugeness is impressive!

Pretty, pretty, pretty! But wait, you make it sound as though you haven't been knitting lace forever! I guess I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know, but you could have fooled me!

I LOVE it, and whoever wins it is going to be ecstatic. For the record, it still looks pink - in a raspberry sort of way - on my monitor. It's fabulous!


The stole/scarf could only be better if it was pink. Great cause! I still don't quite get the giving away of gorgeous knitted items because evidently, selfish is my first name.

That's fantastic. I'm going to win it.

Someone is going to be very lucky, not only because they'll win the wrap, but because of all the good vibes!

It's gorgeous, but I am always a wee bit saddened when you knit anything unpink.

Awesome! Wish I'd known so I could knit something to donate too. :)

You move me to tears sometimes.
And I will pass that band name along to the house band.

Yay! Such dogoodery around here.

Lovely all around. I'm off to donate to Claudia's MS Ride Along Thingy Raffle.

Yay! I love it! Unfortunately Carole is not going to win it because I am and it's more my color. :-) Just saying.

Nice yarn stash in the blue laundry basket btw.

You are so generous to do that for a raffle prize! The shawl turned out just beautifully!

Awesome story and beautiful shawl!

And, yes, that would be a great name for a band :-D

it's so pretty and delicate. You are so fast with this stuff. Six months I've been working on my myrtle stole. Of course, working on it is a term I use loosely. It's just lovely.

So exactly how is that not pink? Deep pink, but still pink, in my book. But totally beautiful, in a raspberry pink kind of way.

Very beautiful!

Beautiful! And that right there is why people say you're nice.



Cookie I now officially love you even more for knitting something so gorgeous for my sister's fundraiser!

I'm sure Norma's suggestion for the Peacock shawl only used the "cock" portion of the title. I know her.

OH.MY.WOOOOOOOORD. That is one incredible stunner of a piece!!! I hope I win it, I hope I win it, I hope I win it. But wait, that would just be gluttonous of me -- being the proud and happy owner of three-plus of your lace pieces! And it's got some great karma around it -- you are so right.

Gorgeous, as always. I don't know how you whip lace out so quickly!

Cookie, you are the BEST! Maybe, in time, you will even get me to love pink.

P.S. And, that Sil is a funny girl.

P.P.S. That is a great name for my raffle-thingy.

Absolutely gorgeous - you totally know what you're doing in the lace arena, m'dear. xoxo

Nancy Bush and the Estonians - snork!

The shawl is gorgeous - you TOTALLY know lace!



It is stunning!

Nancy Bush and the Estonians! I want to be a back-up singer for them.

Gorgeous and good vibes? I love it.

Gorgeous!!! I thought you hated people........

Good vibe projects are the best! You rock for sharing your talent with others!

It's beautiful.

Wish I had your lace knitting speed. It takes me weeks and weeks to finish anything.

Can't stop here, must go donate.

Utterly gorgeous!! You are kind, generous, and exceedingly talented. I'm not so much getting the not-pink part though....

It is gorgeous, Cookie! I can feel the love from here.


What a wonderful gesture. It's gorgeous!

It's absolutely beautiful!

Seems we both have a thing for photographing shawls on our wicker furniture. Heh.

Gorgeous! Its so great that you knit this up for the prize - and lucky person that wins it!

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