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Friday, June 26, 2009


I hope she breaks $30,000 this year!!!

Oh that stole came out so nice! It's going to make one winner very happy!! Your stole is forcing me (with it's sheer beauty) to donate a again.

Imagine that.

We can't play WTF she's doing now now?

I did donate and I should be so lucky as to win that shawl;-D Happy Friday, Cookie!!!!

Yeah! What Carrie K. said! Why can't we play it now?!?!

I think that you've just written an angry e-mail to CNN about Michael Jackson that they just read on air.\

Oh... and dude, it's FRIDAY! WOOT!

It's finally Friday! WOOHOO!!

and boy did I wait till the last minute to squeeze those prizes into the basket. o.O

I love that your fantastalace was the grand finale in her announcements. Awesome.
I wanna know what email Stacey's talking about.
I'm pretty sure I don't wanna know wtf she's doing now...

If I win that stole, it will be totally FAIR. Hahahahahaaha. :D

Already donated twice. I sooo hope I get your lacey thang. Cracking up at Norma's comment.

Very beautiful Lace wrap/scarf whatever you want to call it, your knitting is amazing!

You are a generous soul. And I love games.

Gorgeous grand prize you knitted up girl! My sister and you are both stars!

WooHoo, that's a gorgeous shawl! Definitely TGIF here. Happy Friday night to you, Cookie!

I played...didn't win anything. Third year in a row - that must be a record, right? ;op I did get to give away an awesomely cute bag though!

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