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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Congratulations on kicking the can!
I'm all for low stress.

That's a heck of a lot of information, Cookie. After all, it is Saturday. And I'm cranky ;-)

I'm excited about spinning with everyone! So what is going to be your goal?

Oh, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie. I have joined Tour de Fleece and I want to join your team. I don't know how, but I want to be on your team. Besides, I need to get back to spinning and this sounds like a good way. And, although Summer of Socks may be low-stress, but I am still knitting on my first pair of the quarterly socks that I signed up for, so I best not screw with the grading curve. Happy Saturday!!!

If I join team cranky pants to I have to play to win? Do I need a goal? I want to join just to be cranky.

Happy Saturday, Cookie. I want to hear the announcements!


Cruising for a spanking is SO not annoying. :D

I swear the Bible Belt Art Department will get to work on the project first thing tomorrow. I think the whole department haz sad today.

I'm in complete with a good dose of cranky. I haz soooo much to spin up and this will be a good incentive to make a noticeable dent in it.

I'm not a spinner, but I have known to be cranky on occasion, so can I just be an honorary member? ;-)

I'm in. Revving up the cranky just so I can be a good teammate (I'm sure my husband is just thrilled about that).

Team CrankyPants! I am so there...

You have issues? Who knew? Yay for kicking the can!

There are many people who could use a good spanking. What else could it mean? Do I want to know?

Do I actually have to know how to spin to join your team? Because I notice I did NOT receive an invite. I believe I will run off to my chair and cry.

Well, I'm in. Cranky pants and all. Errr, I'm almost afraid to ask what Opal's been having you do.....

The world is not right if you have nothing on your needles or spindles. My fear is building. :D You *are* going to start some socks tomorrow, aren't you?

Go, Team CrankyPants!

Go, Low Stress!


like i could make you do -anything-..... o.o

nothing on the needles? now -that- is shocking!

Oh good, a team I can identify with. I'm so in. Will there be cheerleaders? A team mascot? A playoff? An awards dinner? A secret handshake? Spanking?

Have I made you cranky(er) yet? Huh? Have I? Huh?

I think my work is done here.

My dear, I don't think there's any group on Ravelry that operates as a contest or knitalong or anything that is low stress. The crazies will find a way to bring it on.
Cast on for something, woman!

See, now here I thought you were too cool to talk to me. Hmmm.

Da can is kicked. Yay! Happy Dance!


Okay, woman, I just went and joined that there Summer of Socks. Obviously I'm under-caffeinated. What was I thinking?
Hmmmm... Tour de Fleece. Can I just be a Cranky Cheerleader? You know, raspberries and finger-flipping? I could handle that, I think.

I love this idea, but I always suck at picking myself a project (which I believe this year is just defined as "something challenging". Apparently i am in need of structure or I can't do stuff!

Can't someone just tell me what to do? And not suck at it? Is that really too much to ask?

Team Crankypants? I'm so there.

I'll join Team Crankypants! I've had a headache for the past two days, no idea what's going on with that. I gave up Diet Coke about 6 weeks ago and now even a few sips burns my throat and makes me feel nauseous. I can't believe I broke that addiction, but I guess I did. I will miss coke and bourbon, though. Hope you feel better!

totally need to join. As a queen member. The kid can be my sidekick, sh*t she's a pill today.

What a minute. Where am I, because I thought I was visiting Cookie's blog. But she's talking about joining not just one, but TWO things! And there's nothing on the needles and almost nothing on the spindle? Nope, I must be in the wrong place.

What about team SpankyPants?


And sadly, I am not a spinner. Got a crapload of too many other hobbies already

I'm cranky, but I haven't spun in a while so I don't think I'd be a good team mate!

Nothing on the needles? Shocking!

And after the spanking...

Is it too late to join?

a spanking! a spanking!

...stopping now before I go into full-on Monty Python mode. ;o)

I signed up! Do I get a cookie? hehe I need to figure out what the h I'm going to spin though. *sigh*

I'm catching up on blogs so brace yourself, odds are good a stupid comment is coming up! ;op

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