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Monday, June 29, 2009


I agree that Opal is definitely good.

I'm loving the make over. It's very pretty and a girl has to have pretty in her life.

Hi Cookie! Geez, I went a away for a few days and you moved all the furniture around... it looks great, and those earrings are just beautiful!!


I sweater, overnight everything changed. Pretty earrings, cute bag. How come every loves a crank?

Wow. It looks all girly over here. Nice earrings, cut bag. Lucky girl!

I love the new look of your blog... and all the goods too.

I love those earrings! How gorgeous! The bag is cute, too, but it's making me hungry...

Boy you sure make out being cranky! Beautiful earrings (and cup), cute bag and a very nice blog redo!

I like the new blog layout! Also nice earrings and bag! The bag makes me hungry. ;)

Lovely earrings and bag. I bet you I could find some cranky fabric. *muwahahhaha* How goes everything else this loverly Monday morning?

Fantastic earrings!
And of course, the bag is perfect.

Cranky fabric would have a zipper that bit you every time you used it.
The earrings are fantastic and the bag is hilarious. Wonderful! And I love the ivy and butterflies. It's almost July 1, I hope I can find a new blog theme that's as pretty.

Lovely earrings on a gorgeous cup with a beautiful new look on the blog. You might have to rethink the "personification of hag" thing. There is nothing haggy (sic) about your blog;-D

OMG. I can't stop laughing at Carrie's comment on cranky fabric!!

I love , no covet, those earrings. Great way to display them on the tea cup.

Great bloggy redo, though I can't agree with the hag thing. Cranky? Yes. Hag? Nope.

I knew that theme was you.
Love the earrings.
Still waiting for the mailman.

You should stick with me - I always know what's going into your packages.

Just sayin'! The blog is looking beautiful, by the way. I lurve me some butterflies!

Lovely new look to the blog..... beautiful earrings..... wonderful footies. Happy Monday!

Now I want Chocochip cookies...You do that to me sometimes. :)

Those earrings are perfect.

The fabric? is making me hungry. I don't suppose you'd want to bake up some lovely cookies and send them to me? it's too hot in the house to turn on the oven. ;)

Nice new look on your site! Please don't tell me it's looked like this for ages.

Pretty earrings - love the bag and the new layout!

I love that fabric! YUM. The earrings are lovely as well.

Pretty earrings and I love the new look :) Smooches from Florida!

that bag is hilarious! i love it! i'm so glad you like the earrings. nothing but the best for my favorite cranky knitter. :)

I want to know about this sweetness-and-light theme you have going here on the visual blog front. Butterflies and flowers? Who are you and what have you done with my Ms. Crankypants?

The only thing that's missing is a glass of milk to go with the bag.

All kinds of pretty going on over here, as usual.

Whoa, you totally SCORE all the time!!!! Must be you're lovable or something. Oops. What was that? A bird?

P.S. Cute format change.

Most excellent fabric. Love the flowers and butterflies too. And the earrings. Is there such a thing as a cranky butterfly?

Very cute bag! Love the earrings too...and really love the teacup (I have a collection)!

Look at your blog! It's beautiful!
The earrings, the bag? I do think that the jig is up on the "Cranky" Cookie!

Those are beautiful earrings!

The Cookie bag gave me the best smile-y feelings of the day.

If people want to see any possible fiber, they can join the tour.


Love the earrings!! What a cute bag!

Fiber? there was fiber?

Oops. Not the last post to read. That opal does marvelous work. Really beautiful earrings! And an excellent cookie container. :D

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