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Saturday, June 27, 2009


woohoo! can't wait to see the results!

Hot from the east? OMG, that sucks. Not only is it hot, but it's polluted hot. You poor baby. Although the weekend looks like fun in a Kool-Aidy sort of way;-P

Gack! We finally just broke 80 degrees around here. At least you can do some dying without heating up the kitchen. At least more than the sun is doing. ;-)

Solar dyeing! It's the only thing to do in heat like that!

That's a nasty weather forecast, looks like you've got the perfect plan to ride it out.Looking forward to seeing the After pictures.

Weather = ugh
Project = can't wait to see what happens

I kinda wish I was in Sacramento to tell the truth. We are not having a summer unless you count it in single days, one or two, over a month. Your lows are our highs on most days lately.

Enjoy the dyeing. There really is something about spinning fiber you have dyed. You will love it.

You've found a marvelous use for that heat! I'm looking forward to seeing your fiber and yarn, Cookie!

WOOO! See, if you came to visit me, you could solar dye EVERY DAY! :D

Have fun.

ooohhh ... solar dying, and drinking Kool Aid while you are doing it (to battle the heat - Berry Blue is berry good for this), tres cool! Have fun, and I am so excited to see your results! On the South Shore of NS, the weather today and for the week is cool and crappy (rain, fog and icky!) -- if it ever heats up here, I'd love to try solar dying.

hot, fruit-scented naked sheep?

Well at least it's a dry heat .

Have fun dyeing up that roving. I love the fruity smelling yarn. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

P.s. It's 95 in the ATL today. So sexy.

Twelve! It's twelve, right?

What's all this "solar dyeing" nonsense about anyway? ;-)

Have fun!

The answer is clearly 42.

BTW, the new ring spindle? Is so fabulous I want to sleep with it.


You're going to drink cold Kool-Aid while throwing snowballs you stashed in your freezer from this winter at small children bold enough to walk past your house?

I think you're going to need more grape!

I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what you create!

I love Carrie's guess.

It's only 93 degrees here right now. I'm hoping we don't break/match your heat.

Whoa. Hot.
Maybe you should be drinking that Kool-aid.

Holy cripes for hot. So when you are done dyeing you'll fry eggs on the sidewalk??

Oh my! I should email my sis down there to see if she's melting. Us Oregonians don't take heat like that well. We're much more used to rain :)

All right, I'll stop kvetching about our endless spring in New England. Can't wait to see the results.

Hi Cookie!!!
I'm in Suck-a-tomato myself. Roasting my ass off! I was in Folsom(not at the lake. :( or the prison). earlier and the exterior temp gauge said 110. Blech... anyways, can't wait to see the results !

Putting your ridiculously hot weather to good use I see. Looking forward to the results! We *finally* had a summery day today in the high 70's- blue sky, a bright yellow sun and a sweet breeze. Doesn't get better than that.



One of my favourite pastimes - dyeing yarn with Kool Aid. I'm guessing you are spinning too. Never quite got the hang of that.

That weather is TOO hot for me. We have high temps here in the UK this week but nothing like that. I'm off to hide under a shell until autumn I think.

I grew up slightly south of you and miss the warm/hot summers. Right now, I'm not having one - like everyone else in the east. Apparently we get eternal spring - which tends to lose it's charm after several months. I've switched to Wilton's dyeing to avoid the koolaid smell, but now I have to remember to add vinegar - so it's a trade off!

PLEASE! Keep that heat to yourself!
Can't wait to see the color combos you come up with!

ohmygawdifitdoesn'tstoprainingI'mgoingtokillatourist. srsly.

...can't wait to see what you dyed...is that next? ;op

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