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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I hope the police recover your ankles soon! If you want, I'l send you some of our rain ...

Cute socks!

I love the color. As soon as I finish some socks that are gifts, I need some footies for summer. I even have some nice cotton blends just waiting.

And if you think hitting 40 is bad for your ankles, wait till 50 creeps up on you.

Love those socks! Too cute - and what a great colorway!

Let's not talk about ankles, ok?

Such cute socks! It was sunny all day yesterday and maybe the same today! It's quite amazing. Glad it's not over 100, however

Much sympathy to you. I hate being hot. Your footies are absolutely beautiful, and the colorway rocks.

40, pfffffft. It's but a distant memory for me. And my 40s were my best years EVER. So quit yer bitchin'. Heh.

Those socks are the CUTEST THINGS! That dye job by Scout was awesome!

Oops. I just posted incognito as "Betsy" Hahahahahahah. It's a long story, but she couldn't post on my blog. I wonder how many other times I posted this morning as Betsy..... Oh, yes, over at Cheryl's. I'd better go cover up my tracks. Hahahahahaha.

I think my ankles are out partying with yours. Sorry about that, I'm usually a good influence. ;D Pretty footies and such a lovely colorway! I'm going to do a short row heel this week if all goes well!!

Cute footies! Great idea for summer. Will have to cast on for a pair. Love their stripey-ness. Scout did a super job with the colorway. Wanna trade ages? I didn't think so. 40 is a great age, though a perpetual 39 might be better ;-).

LMFAO - I was just about to say that I think I like that Betsy person, and I find out it's Norma. Well, now I know I like her attitude, not just her famous blogger self. :-D
Great socks!I love that people base colorways on you.

Oh hai! Remember me? I sort of forgot that people still blog...with Twitter and Facebook and Flickr oh my!

These are so pretty! How the hell are you? Maybe I'll read through to see what you're up to.

Those are so cute! Happy Sunday!

Yay, they are fabu!

I'm willing to take about 10 degrees of your temperature for CT...as long as they come with some sunshine!

The socks are great - ankles or no.

Oh, and didja notice? They kind of look like Joan's hydrangea.

I like the toe and heel striping on that yarn. Hmmm, I may have to just try that CCSR method.

Pshaw, 40's nothing, you young whippersnapper.

Cute new all-summery blog too.

Cute change. :D Even cuter socks. I guess I should knit a little on my SOS socks huh? I mean I did start them for SOS 08. :D

Cute footies!

I was going to say - if that roving isn't dry by tonight your a/c is too high. It was 101 at 11am today. I'm planning on huddling next to my fan all day.

Fabulous, darlink. And love the blog look :)

Super duper cute socks! And also, did you change your blog look, or am I really *that* oblivious? Either way, I really like it!

oh wow! i love the new look of the bloggy! AND i love those socks. PINK!

What a happy place this is! Purty footsies, and a positively...uh....perky theme. I'm positively happified!

Hope you're drinking something cool in a frosty glass...

I emailed my sissy and she is indeed in the 103 range of hotness. She purchased a bicycle in hopes of encouraging cool winds, but discovered biking in hot weather is, well, HOT.

I love the colorway! I especially like how the stripes are there, but not overpowering.

I think it might be the heat doing things to the ankles. Recently spotted some ankle scariness, and I am blaming the heat.

I can't wait to see the roving. Go, Team CrankyPants!

Also, Go You for finishing some knitting! I have hardly made a bit of progress in what feels like ages.


What is this strange thing you call knitting??

I seem to have forgotten. But I LUV the socks.


You might like to know that it was 42 degrees F. at the campground when we went to bed last night. 70-ish during the day.

oooo pretty! cute!

That scoutj can do an awesome dye job ;o)

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