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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm jealous! How do you manage to keep churning out swallowtails when I am still struggling with my first! (And I am a Lace Knitter ... I just can't count this spring).

Lovely, gorgeous and stunning!

I love the swallowtail - always a lovely knit. I'm about 1/2 way through my Adamas. No work on Friday is going to mean lots of knitting on Adamas. Mum will be here in two weeks to claim it.


It's beautiful, Carrie will love it, and please let us know who leaves comment 15K - you never know!


The shawl is fantastic - I'm so happy for Carrie. She sure could use some lacy love right now.

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the beads instead of nupps. So subtle.

Wowza! Cookie does it again. Nobody who creates such gorgeous things again and again is sad OR lame, ya hear?

Your subtitle is way more appropriate. And, Carrie's Swallowtail? GORGEOUSGORGEOUSGORGEOUS!!! Since I cannot do nupps, I use beads instead and I love the effect on this shawl! Could the heat be robbing you of your mojo?

Gasp....I LOVES that color.

That is SO pretty. I love the new blog look, too. Also, If I leave the 15kth comment, I WILL send you something! I like that idea...just let us know who leaves it!

I LOVE the beads in place of nupps! How smart are you? (I fricken hate nupps and they've kept me from knitting a second swallowtail)

Also, the new layout is very pretty!

Stunningly Beautiful Swallowtail! The colour, the beads (I'm gonna have to go 'there' someday), and I never get tired of seeing Swallowtail. Never.
Congratulations to Carrie!

Beautiful job again. Your swallowtails are a work of art. The big blue one is going with me today again. YEs. In 90 degree weather. But it's going to be cold at the doctor's office. And I need a security blanket. :D

I think CarrieK just likes to see things nailed.

Happy Tuesday

Those are beautiful photos! Also, I don't think you can claim you've lost your knitting mojo if you can pump that out in six days. Beautiful, of course.

Everything looks lovely. You are the Empress of Swallowtails. I especially like your blog's new subtitle.

Gorgeous - the bead/yarn combo is beautiful. But 6 days? What a slacker. :)


Oh people, you have no idea. It's even prettier in person.
A shocking six days... /snort
Thanks again, Cookie darling, I love it. I wish it would get cold so I can wear it. It even arrived on a super crappy day and made me smile all over the place.

I think Carrie needs to crank up the AC to frigid so she can enjoy her new shawl! Congrats to her. I completely agree with Margene- the color and knitting are truly Gasp-worthy!

WOW that really is something else. Gorgeous.


such gorgeouosity for a Tuesday! Everything is truly lovely, I am enjoying it all......except. (well, you knew there'd be an except, right?) Maybe it's cause I'm on a Mac, but it all looks like this:

I mean we've all se
en Swallotails, we k
now what they look
like. I think that's w
hy I like the odd ang

Well, it makes for adventurous reading! Beautiful shawl.

So beautiful! and I like the new look of your blog too.

Love, love, love the beads. I mean, love the whole thing, but the beads? Priceless.

If I am commenter 15k I will knit you something.

Gorgeous! Looks like bits of ice crystal on it.

Beautiful! The photos and the shawls. I'm sure Carrie will be thrilled.

It is so gorgeous, and full of comfort and love, and I am so glad Carrie has it!

I used to think a bit judgmentally about the faux nupps, but you have changed my mind.

I like the 15k idea.

Endearment, eh? Yep.


Your Swallowtail is breathtaking, and I especially like the beads!

The layout is pretty, but the only thing I see a bit disturbing is that often times it splits half the word on one line and the other half on the other line. Like above:
Carrie left comment #14k and I gave her a choice of socks or lace. She picked lace and 350 comments later, I finally got the thing to her. I really do suck.
In the word She, S is on 1 line and he is on the second line.
It does this a lot in the comments too.
Just to make you aware :)

You finished that without mojo? What's it like when you have it?

I do love seeing things nailed, especially when it shows off such an incredibly lovely lace Swallowtail. SIX DAYS??? Good gawd. Carrie will love it, I can't imagine anyone not loving that work of art. SIX DAYS???

That is amazing! You are a very generous person to give up something so lovely!

Holy moly--that's gorgeous! I love the beads; they're like little dew drops!

Oh yes indeedy, that's lovely. And the beads are a perfect touch.

....and on the seventh day, She rested.

that has to be the most beautiful swallowtail to date -and- i adore the photos!

i also love the new subtitle. that manise. who clever is she?

Oooh, that looks so pretty. And man, that's a lucky Carrie, that's for sure. :D

Looooovely... even the crucifixion photo. 0.o


Gorgeous - I love the pictures too - they don't look like the normal Swallowtail pictures.

Like the new blog look.

I think asking 15K to send you something is fine...except if its me ;-)

very pretty!

you call six days 'losing your mojo'?!?!

I love that shawl so much.

Oh my, the prettiest for my last post to read. Beautiful swallowtail for our Carrie!! Very lovely, Cookie.

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