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Thursday, May 07, 2009


It's beautiful!

*gorgeous!* it's zen goodness is seeping into me and making me feel better. woot!

Love it!!! If I had a place to put it, I might make one...

Sooooooooo pretty. I may have to look for the pattern to make one for my mom. She has some that are a wee bit frayed or tattered. That's a nice size too!

That's fantastic! Truly stunning.

It's sorta, well, it IS gorgeous! Nice work, Cookie!

So purty! I feel zen looking at it, following the pattern around. You should suggest they rename it.
The shimmery green is a great compliment to all of your pinks.

Fantastic! I love the way the sheen of the bamboo shows off the direction of the stitches, too. I think you should make a giant one and figure out how to square up the edges, and use it for a coverlet.

Well, yeah!

Btw, I finally have plans to make it to the post office at least by Saturday. And, have you heard the rumors about NCIS? I understand the need for zen in your life.

You're gonna make me cuss! Holy f'in cow - that is GORGEOUS!!! TWO DAYS?!?!?!

*sigh* I'm going to crawl under my desk now and donate my needles to charity in honor of your greatness.

Cookie, that's a beauty! Are you tempted to make one out of worsted weight yarn, or would that look weird (as a throw I mean).

That looks so very nice! Way to go!!

PS - you're needles are on fire. Be sure to keep water handy.

Another gorgeous piece of work! I'm in awe.

Holy crap. Kunststrick indeed.

Two days? Gobsmacked. Gorgeous Zen eggplant.

Wow - so pretty! I might have to make one...

Very nice!

That's definitely a win! Gorgeous!
I saw pink tomato cages today at the garden nursery and thought of you.

Two. Days. O. M. G.

Oooh...pretty. And so tempting, although I wouldn't know quite what to do with it either. :-P

Oh, that is so pretty! I love the sheen of the bamboo.

That is just stunning. You, lost for a couple of minutes? I can't believe it!!!!

Wowowow! That is truly lovely. Congrats on the FO.

And what a win it is! It is so lovely, Cookie! I think spending time gazing and adoring is a perfect plan for such a beautiful piece.


What is with this? I go away for a day or two and you start cranking out the knitting? It is beautiful. Another fine job. And yes, shaking is a sign you need more caffeine and/or sugar.

Beautiful work, Cookie! I do still see the lotus in the zen-ness of it. Seems like magical knitting, really.

Beautiful and your blocking is marvelous with all those very neat points. I'm in awe of your knitting speed.

ooohhhh pretty!!

Wow! That's beautiful! You'll be able to put it into a rotation with the Hemlock Circle on your circular table. And yes you certainly should be pleased.

Wow. That is b-e-a-utiful!

WOW that is a gorgeous cast off. Looks very time consuming.

2 Days!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!!!?

As usual, your knit is stunning. I'm seriously in awe.

i have to tell you, as the screen opened up, i was mid-sip of a glass of shiraz and made an audible noise as I drank. My husband said, 'what?' and then he looked and he saw at once what made me make the noise.


Wow! So, tell me, how do you bend the space/time continuum in order to knit that fast?

And now I have Doily Envy...

Sometimes, just making beauty is enough.

Cookie, that is absolutely gorgeous! Wow! How do you get things like this done so fast?

Just gorgeous!

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