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Sunday, May 31, 2009


They look cute! At least you didn't spend a month knitting them :)

Oh, well, you can wear them to bed on chilly nights. (Do you ever have chilly nights?)

They look so cozy!

Well, they're socks and they fit so you can wear them out around the house and in the yard. Don't have to worry that you'll ruin them, right?

Glad the spindling is making you happy!

They are very cute, but I understand your frustrations. You'll be done with another pair before you know it!


::: putting on The Voice :::: *ahem* :::: tap, tap :::: Is this thing on?


Isn't it warm enough in CA to show some skin already?


I know you hate it but it's pretty. :)

I think they look cute and comfy even if they aren't a pattern to repeat. sil's housesock idea is a good one.

At least they'll keep your toes warm next time they need it.

cute feet!!

they're anklets. They are mostly in the shoe, yes? So if they're comfy, who cares if they're meh? (I like them, but I am not wearing them.)

i like them, but the whole project does indeed sound pesky. i'm glad you can start something new tomorrow! and yay for spindling. :)

Yeah. Not so much. Bummer.

Am I weird? I like them. Wait, don't answer that.

They're comfy and cheerful. And done. Don't forget done.

They look very comfy!

Have fun starting something new! I'm trying to put a few outstanding socks in the "done" pile.


I personally think they're adorable. But, I'm a big fan of the ankle socks and bright, bold colors.

PS, I didn't realize you were in California. Anywhere near the Inland Empire?

Those look a lot like my YMMV footies, which does give you rest rows! Check it out:


At least you finished them and didn't just complain about them for a month. ;op

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