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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Great socks! Those are definitely cute enough to be life-changing, even without the epiphany!

So why do you think magic loop is easier than DPNs?


I'm not convinced that magic loop is truly faster but it is my preferred method for sock knitting.

So cool! I love them!

That is one of the most fabulous socks ever! Love the color and the pattern!

Welcome to the other side! I use Magic Loop for everything. It may not be faster for everyone and depends on the circ you use (those joins can be pesky!) but for me it is faster and I never lose a needle I need and I don't stab myself. All pluses in my book!

Pretty! I still have to try magic looping, too lazy to get a needle yet...

Those are SWEET. Glad you mastered the magic loop. Now you can be even MORE magical!!!!!

I love the post's timestamp-1234!

Mrow.. Me likey. I'm not one for pastels, but dang, that's some kick ass yarn!

Next time I do short rows, I'm following your plan.

Yay, another convert to The Way of the Mystical Loop! Yeehaw! The only thing that DPNs have over magic loop is that your toddler (or anyone's, really) is not going to accidentally put his foot through the loop, then walk through the whole house looking for you to tell you about it, while the ball of yarn sits happily on the couch where you left it.
That is some beautiful yarn, for sure.

Once I get over my current amigurumi obsession, I am totally trying magic loop. I've heard enough to think it's definitely worth attempting!

BTW, ab-fab socks! The color is divine!

I'm still not quite sold on Magic Loop, but at least I don't hate the way I used to. I'll use it when I don't have the right sized DPNs.

Those socks show the pattern off great. I agree, knitting is made for waiting rooms, whether they're emergency department or doctor's office. I've tried magic loop and nearly hung myself so I'll stick with my DPN's. Besides it's fun to confound people with all these tiny needles sticking out.

Pretty Pretty, but you already knew that. :-)

gorgeous socks! although I am still not convinced magic loop os the way to go.dpns looks way more menacing.

gorgeous! I love magic loop.. but two circs even better.

Sorry so short... Off to get ready.

Another convert to the Magical Loop! Good. Soon we will have a cabinet secretary and our own zip code. Can a seat on the Security Council be far behind? Which we totally deserve, btw.

Srsly, how often does a Magic Looper lose a needle or have a family member step on her knitting and break a bamboo US#1 or stab herself in the eye with an unruly dpn? Or maybe that last one is just me.

You stepped over to the Dark Side of Magic Loop?? Oh and pretty socks btw.

Those are really pretty. I probably wouldn't knit them because my feet are always cold, but they're giving me ideas...


i confess. magic loop scare me.

That's the yarn that was dyed by the woman that kind of works with my Mom. She's crazy, but the socks are wonderful. As are you.

me scared of loop
Glad the visit ended ok!?

I had a pair of socks that changed my life once. It was for all the wrong reasons, thought. It had to do with a girl, a lack of laundry detergent, and a broken dryer. It's sad, really. :)

Yours look cool though!

Any finished pair of socks changes *my* life. :D Lovely socks! Lovely yarn. I'm going to have to go find my magic loop book.

I hope everybody's feeling much better now!

I really need to give magic looping a try as well. Need to get some more needles *darn*

Magic loop is the only way! I don't even own DPNs :-D

Mmmmm...Magic Loop! They are lovely socks. I'm glad they helped where they were needed.


They are stunning.

So does this mean that you have gone over to the darkside that is magic loop?

This is sooo purty!

Waiting to see if you had Swine flu?

Magic loop is okay. I like it better for sleeves than socks. Too fiddly.

I only magic loop now. I once was a firm believer in DPNs, but, after my first sock on magic loop, I was a changed knitter. No more straight needles for me! If it isn't attached to a cable, I've no need for it.

And I love those socks! The colors are fantastic, and work really well with that pattern! Ima haveta get me that book!

Very pretty socks - I love the colorway. And I really need to get that book. I also think I need to learn magic loop - I keep on pulling out DPN's from the socks by mistake...

Hope everyone is ok!

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