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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The voice? I think I missed that post.

Yeah! I love it! The cuteness is too much! :)

Allergies...the miserable beasts. Wish I had a magic bullet to take them out with!

Take care, Sweetie. Allergies suck. Big time.

Weeds? I don't see any weeds. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Cute bag.

Thanks. Just mentioning allergies made me sneeze. This is the season I long to live on a 40 acre cement ranch.

Your decorative grass is very pretty. So is cottonwood. Who knew it could be so lethal?

Cute bag! Hope your allergies subside!

The pollen count is high here too. Oak, poplar, maple and birch. Hope you feel better soon. Cute bag- I have a collection going too.

Weeds? What weeds? Looks good to me.

If that picture had been taken in my yard it would be covered with snow like cottonwood cotton. Not sure I can take much more as we already have 3" of the she-ite!

Grass is a weed, so by choice we cultivate weeds as a society. So really, it's all ok!!
ooooooooooooo bag.
The Voice™? Just like in Dune?

I TOTALLY sympathize on the allergy thing. My nose keeps getting all tickly every time I walk outside. Also, I don't sneeze tiny, cute, girly sneezes. Oh no. I sneeze so violently my whole body moves. Not a fun experience.

I feel your pain. And that is a cute bag, by the way!

Aw - so cute!!

allergies. Blah. Do you have a Neti Pot? Get one! Even Jessica started using one before her surgery. I find that taking Stinging Nettle capsules, especially with quercetin helps too. That is my allergy soapbox for the day!

My, what beautiful grass you have!

If the end result is death, you will blog about it, won't you? Because otherwise we won't know, and I hate to miss a good funeral.

Have you tried Alavert? It is the same medication as Claritin, which DOES NOT WORK. But Alavert? Works. It's all about the delivery system. I thought I was just a kook (well, we already know that), but then I went to med school, and they 'splained it! Alavert goes directly to the bloodstream and bypasses the liver (the first pass around). So duh. I wonder why all meds are not dissolved on the tongue. I suppose some of them would be too potent. Anyhoo. It works, and works fast, not like the Claritin which needs like two weeks to build up in the bloodstream and then doesn't work anyway. :D

Yeah, go with Anne's recommendations. Neti Pot is lovely, and once you get used to using it fairly regularly, not washing your nostrils will be as yucky as not brushing your teeth. I did the stinging nettles too, and they worked great, until my body said, "WAIT! A new plant to which we shall be allergic! Excellent!" but I don't think that's a normal response. (Dr. Weil recommends them.)
Norma's "but then I went to med school" is killing me.

No allergy advice, but hope it passes soon!

Love the decorative grass!

Its allergy season here too. Pollen everywhere.

Cute bag! How many cute TJ boys are there?! O.o

Feel better, Cookie.

Aw poor baby, feel better soon.

i don't think the allergy season stops here. stuff never stops growing.

as for the bag? *love!*

That is such a cute bag!

Argh! Allergies are so miserable. I hope you find something that works for you.


The bag is adorable. Allergies suck. That is all.

What were you concentrating on to not use the voice?

:::: acts all sweet and innocent ::::

My doc keeps telling me to neti, but the thought of water into and out of my nose makes me all creeped out. I think it should be some sort of sadistic torture... hmmmmm


I feel your pain on the allergies. My stomach hurts from sneezing so much. Hope yours get better soon.

That is a neat bag by the way.

That's such a cute bag!

Lovely bag. You could always put it over your head when the allergies start and still look gorgeous.

I'm okay in spring, but fall allergies try to kill me. That's one of the many reasons I love Vermont - short growing season, so short allergy season. Winter kills all those awful ragweed plants dead dead dead!

Gorgeous bag. Weeds? what weeds? I see only trendy landscaper accent planting.

I'm on a two-a-day zyrtec regime 'til this all dies down...I'm so flaky right now it's not funny. No really, it's not. Stop laughing. ;op~~

...and don't ask about the damned socks. I hates them. *sigh*

I send you pollen-free vibes and kitteh hugs.

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