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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm the same way with pattern names. But My Other Wrap II (because you made that Swallowtail blanket/shawl, too, and let us not forget the Flower Basket you made for my sister. Bot. Bot.) had something to do with lilac leaves. Lovin' the new one for Claudia! LX

Your spinning looks great! You're a natural.

She took hot-stuff photos with it all over her legs in Utah and now she can't even remember its NAME? Lace slut, our Norma.
Beautiful spinning. Beautiful raspberry lace! Lovely.

oh i can't wait to see that pink stuff blocked. yum!

i could never ply right on a spindle. never. so kudos to you!

Pretty pink.

Your spinning looks great. How do you get it so fine? Mine looks like baler twine.


Yummy pinky color lace. How fabulous for a prize! I wanna win that...

I can have a dozen or so things on the needles at a time. Of course I never finish anything. :D Maybe that's why.

Lovely pink. Ummm... what's the pattern?

Boys do that?
Maybe I need another one.

My head is spinning. You have to be the fastest lace knitter EVER! Beautiful stuff, too!

It's very pretty. How the blazes do you get all that done? Never mind. Aptitude counts for a lot.

The lace (yours and Norma's) is all beautiful. I can't imagine how fast you must knit lace to get through so much of it so quickly! Gorgeous, gorgeous...

The shawl came out so nice!! You have now completely convinced me that A Gathering of Lace must be mine. (Like I wasn't convinced before - Ha!)

I completely spaced watching the crabmen last night. I deserve a slap on the wrist for that one. Perhaps it's time for a DVR.

Love the wrap even if it is a noname.

Cookie, don't sell yourself short on the spinning! That yarn is beautiful and very nicely spun. I'm even more impressed because you say you're a newbie. You'll be surprised how nicely it will knit up. Oh, and plying is my favorite part. That's when you really see what the finished yarn will look like. Nice job!

Look at you go with that spindle!

You really are a machine aren't you? Come on, admit it. Have your owner post a picture plus information about how we too can have our own knitting and spinning robot. Please!

That orange shawl is just beautiful! I'm so impressed with your knitting speed!!

The orange shawl is gorgeous - just beautiful. I have that book, and now you are making me go look at it...

Love the pink shawl!

Your spinning is very nice - and on a drop spindle - amazing!

While orange is not one of my favorite colors, your shawl is beautiful enough to change my mind! I can't believe how quickly you knit (she said only slightly envious.) ;o)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, financial issues suck. I LOVE that orange shawl, a whole whole lot. (And that's saying something as you know that I detest the color orange.) Love it. Did I say that already?

I'm curious, how do you rotate your spindle, by twisting with your fingers on the hook? I'm asking because the way you wind on your yarn, it looks like you can get a lot on the spindle before you need to wind off which is always a good thing.

ooooo Deadliest Catch is one of the best shows, evah! Jonathan is a hottie! ;o)

Go you with the Goldings!

OMG, I've recently become addicted to Deadliest Catch, which was a total surprise to me! Love the Time Bandit!

You are amazing, bot or not.

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