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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Your way is the best. (not that it's been beaten into me, nonononono)
Bleeding hearts? will it look like the flower???!!!

and yes, more coffee..yeeeeeeesssssssssss

Bleeding hearts are all in bloom here and they are beautiful.

Love bleeding hearts. I've found that too much coffee results in the shakes. Your way or the highway? Is that what happened last time and frogged it already once?

I'm planting Bleeding Hearts today now that I have a shady spot for them. You can never have too much coffee.

Yeah, I'm big on doing it my way and hoping for the best, too. Usually works out fine!

Maybe I should have knit Bleeding Hearts with my STR Bleeding Hearts. Nah, too redundant. Redundant.

Yes, more coffee. More more more. I am going to go make some right now, in fact.
I bet it will look nice, but I gotta say, the magazine picture is, um, not flattering. I hope they look better on your feet than the model's.

I really don't like the Wildfoote sock yarn. Blech!

... and when I say that I don't mean yours specifically, I mean the yarn in general. Just wanted to clarify.

Personally, I think a person's own way is always better ;-)

Now why would you put yourself through knitting a project you don't care for with yarn you like even less?

Hrmm, the pic of the socks in the mag isn't exactly the most appealing... I think yours will be better in a solid!

This house came with the most gorgeous bleeding hearts I've ever seen. Maybe in this case two wrongs can make a right?

Maybe it's not your hands that are shaking. I swear my camera shakes all on it's own just to annoy me.

Good luck with the socks! :)

The pattern can only be improved by your yarn choice, and since you can't really see what it looks like in the magazine, knitting it up will be a surprise! :)

Hmm... Looks good from here, as usual. Margene may have a point, though.


Didn't the bleeding hearts come with a bunny? Purty pink. Do it your way, it's sure to be the best.

Your shakes are clearly coming from too little caffeine. Maybe worry over Chris O'Donnell?

I have four skeins of Wildfoote in my stash and keep telling myself that softness was traded for durability. Yet, I haven't finished a sock with them!

FWIW, the socks look pretty from here. Good name for spring. I think shaky means lack of chocolate, Cookie. Works for me.

I have one pair of socks from Wildfoote, didn't enjoy knitting with it because it was very splitty but the socks are about 6 years old and still going strong.

I do hate Wildfoote. Splitty.

*gasp* Is NOTHING sacred?! LOL!

btw, I've since decided I hate it but I'm going to knit it anyway...eventually. ;o)

Is it possible for you to do it any way but yours??

It looks lovely in your chosen colour. I don't think the yarn used in the mag does the pattern justice from what I can see in your photo.

More caffeine might do the trick. The sock looks good. I like the pink and I'm sure you will overcome any weirdness in the pattern.

good luck! fwiw, i think it looks great!

Yes, I recommend caffeine. It is nearly always helpful. However, if you consume too much and try to combine it with slick needles, beaded laceknitting, and laceweight alpaca, it can be a challenge.

I do believe your way will be best for these socks, as well as most anything else.

Personally, I drink coffee till I'm vibrating like a tuning fork. When doing a face/palm hits high C, I know I've had enough...

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